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44 polling stations will operate outside of Belarus during the current presidential election. That is three more than it was in the previous. It is assumed that this time abroad will vote about ten thousand people.

The polling stations abroad cover a few people. This is mainly those who are here on the consular register. But, as experience shows, many Belarusian citizens simply ignore this procedure. While the authorities claim that the other citizens who are not on the consular register, users can easily vote on election day, their number has not increased.

Chief Electoral Officer Lidiya Yarmoshyna emphasizes:

"Of course, this applies to a small number of citizens, whose expression of will decide the fate of the election. Because it is a small percentage. This is a hundredth of a percent of the total electorate. "

Of course, this applies to a small number of citizens, whose expression of will decide the fate of the election.

It would seem that this situation abroad does not make sense to hold elections on domestic traditions. However, experience shows that outside of Belarus and electoral commission is formed in the same way as in the country, and newsletters feel the same way. As told to "Freedom" on condition of anonymity, the Belarusian diplomat, who until still working in one of the embassies, the direct order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the specific results of the elections there. But everyone knows that the voting results are known in Minsk. And it pushes to the competition: what the embassy will give the highest percentage in favor of the incumbent.

And the current election legislation promotes fraud. It reduces the number of members of the Election Commission, "according to internal circumstances of the Embassy." And if the Belarusian democratic views are trying to send their representatives to election commissions, they get the usual answers, like the one that signed the Consul of Belarus in the Czech Republic, Mr. Shpak: "When considering applications from citizens' groups on a competitive selection of the Election Commission elected businessman Sergei TATUN , who was elected deputy chairman of the commission. "

The largest number of polling stations outside of Belarus is in Russia. This vote will take place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Krasnodar. Traditionally, the results of the expression of citizens outside of Belarus include data on the Lenin district commission Minsk in which is The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Despite the fact that under the law of the electoral commissions are included from 5 to 19 people, almost all polling stations for the elections abroad are formed of three members. The law also prescribes that, where necessary, the Commission may be reduced or increased. However, it is clear that a diplomatic mission and the most exotic countries for Belarusians, and mastered the most Belarusians have acted on the same statement. For example, a three-person commission created for Belarusians vote at polling stations in Russia, Poland, Israel and the rest world.


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