Elections in Moldova: continued political stalemate

On the last Sunday in Moldova held early parliamentary elections. According to preliminary data, the Alliance for European Integration has strengthened its position slightly, but hardly enough to choose the president. The results of the elections will not solve the situation of political deadlock, for which they were held.

For the third time in 2 years in Moldova held parliamentary elections. On the basis of processing 95% of the vote can be said that the Communists have lost a little representation in parliament: they had 49 seats out of 101, will now have forty-fourth unit "Our Moldova", which was part of the pro-European alliance, did not get 5% and will not be presented in the new composition of the legislature. But improved their position other composite alliance: the liberal Democratic Party incumbent Prime Minister Filat power gained 28%, the Democratic Party Marian Lupu — 13%, the Liberal Party of former parliament speaker Ghimpu — About 9%. As a result of the alliance increased its representation — before he had 52 mandates, will now have fifty-seventh

This is enough to form a government, but to elect a president to 61 vote, which the Alliance for European Integration, no.

Not yet counted votes Moldovans living and working abroad. Theoretically, it is possible that they may bring cherished Alliance 4 votes, but experts say it's unlikely to happen.

The elections in Moldova have observed 300 representatives of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions. In their preliminary statements, the elections in Moldova were held transparently and honestly.

Prime Minister Vlad Filat, said yesterday, which can be celebrate the election results, but the celebration has to be short, because the result is a great responsibility.
In turn, the representative of the Communist Party Mark Tkachuk said statements about the victory of the Alliance for European Integration premature.

Tkachuk: "Those who are now drinking whiskey — we know that they do not drink champagne — we'd love to say that they are happy too early."

Until recently, the Communist opposition boycotted the election of the president, and in the government coalition does not have enough votes to choose his own.

The parliament of the previous convocation some spoke of the possibility of an alliance between the Communists and the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu, a former associate of communist president Vladimir Voronin. But the results of this election — together with the Communist Party of the Democratic Party does not have 61 votes. Therefore hope that at least some Communists violate Party discipline and the right candidate will support the president. Is also theoretically possible to create a grand coalition between the Communists and the right.

If these expectations are not met, the situation of political deadlock continues.

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