Electricity supply in Karelia plan to restore Sunday

Power supply to the affected elements of settlements Karelia to be restored by the time the scheme on Sunday, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the National Center for Crisis Management (National Emergency Management Center) Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Squally wind and rain hit the Kareliyuv on Wednesday night. Due to bad weather left without electricity for almost 25 thousand people. In Petrozavodsk, the rain collapsed eight meters of the pedestrian bridge over the river Lososinka. Heavy rains also podtopili several roads and bridges in the city Lahdenpohja.

Also in the lower basin of the Vig had the monthly rainfall, causing Soldiers burst dam lake. Water flooded the engine room Matkozhnenskoy hydro, no light in the village Sosnovetsostalis 1,5 thousand people. By the time power lines connect this town on Friday night.

"By the time the scheme is planned to resume electricity supply to homes and facilities on August 12," — said the representative of the National Emergency Management Center.

According to him, during the past days Utilities Commission examined all the floodings in Belomorsk home and decided that they are suitable for living.

"Ten in August is scheduled to deliver a fourth diesel power (330 kW), continue connecting consumers," — he added.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, for disaster relief is now involved 130 people and 35 vehicles.

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