Emergencies are possible in the Kursk region because squally winds and hail — MES

GUMCHS the Kursk region in connection with squally winds up to 21 meters per second, and rain and hail warns of Monday and Tuesday in the region of emergencies.

"From 27 to 28 August, according to the forecast Weather Service in the Kursk region is expected worsening of weather conditions: rain and thunderstorms, hail, squally winds with gusts up to 21 meters per second," — said in a statement.

Under the strongest impact weather can get the southern and western regions of Kursk: Sudzhansky, Belovo, Oboyanskoy, Pristensky, Rylsky, Glushkovsky, Lgovski and Korenevsky.

"Due to a number of adverse effects increases the likelihood of emergencies involving c damage and power lines, falling trees and branches from the trees on the wire lines, caving slaboukreplennyh structures, including billboards, light roofs of buildings, windblown trees, increasing the number of accidents, "- said agency.

MOE recalls that in the event of any danger around the clock and can be accessed for free on the single emergency call number — 112. Calls made from mobile and stationary phones.

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