Emergencies Ministry warns of a possible increase in accidents because of ice in 8 regions of the Russian Federation

 Russian Emergencies Ministry warns of a possible increase in the number of accidents because of ice in eight regions of Central, Southern and North-Western Federal District, also in Moscow.

As reported by Deputy Chief of the Information MOE Elena Smirnykh on some sections of the route M2 ("Crimea") and M4 ("Don") at night there was a difficult road conditions.

"In Bryansk, Kursk, Smolensk, Moscow, Tula Region, Moscow, Kalmykia, Volgograd and Leningrad regions of the adverse situation associated with the formation of black ice and ice on the trees, power lines. Therefore not be cases of a power failure and the growth of the number of accidents "- Smirnov said.

At night, the situation was complicated by M2 and M4 motorways in the Tula region, where the rain iced over some parts of the roads. "As soon as possible to monitor the situation created 11 task forces, are temporary placement of drivers, working in emergency mode service road and the traffic police," — said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies. Traffic jams in these areas runs are avoided.

The interviewee explained that in emergency mode road services and operations teams work at five sites M4 highway — from 132 th to 330-km mark, and at six sites M2 motorway — from 108th to 304th kilometer. Icy roadway dredged sand and gravel mixture.

"Russian Emergency Ministry recommends to be careful and cautious, refrain from moving to private vehicles, speeding," — said quietly.

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