Emergency mode is entered in Kolyma, where transport is interrupted

Kolyma authorities on Thursday imposed a state of emergency in Omsukchan area where rains washed away after a long road, "Gerba — Omsukchan" reports GUMCHS Russia's Magadan region.

The tropical cyclone, which came to the Kolyma last Friday from southern latitudes Pacific, brought prolonged showers. On Friday, in the Magadan region fell almost monthly rainfall. Livni continued until Tuesday. They have washed away several sections of dirt roads in the region, and their teams of specialists to restore and technology. Due to heavy rains the road "Magadan — Emblem — Omsukchan" for several days to be open to all travel modes.

"In Omsukchan district on Thursday a meeting of the emergency plan. Commission has decided to introduce a state of emergency in the area in connection with the violation of transportation on the road," Gerba — Omsukchan, "- said in a statement.

Earlier it was reported that rescuers with stocks of food and fresh water went from Magadan to the highway "Emblem — Omsukchan" where a soft showers stretch of road has accumulated dozens of cars.

Difficult situation, not only in Omsukchan area. As RIA Novosti head Tenkinskogo district Hope Savchenko, in directed brigade workers and equipment to strengthen the dam on the river Omchug, threatening to leave because of the rains overflowed.

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