Emergency mode is entered in Kotlas Arkhangelsk because tularemia

Emergency mode is entered in Kotlas Arkhangelsk region, where six people found dangerous infectious diseasetularemia, said on Thursday the regional emergencies department.

"Of the six, three infected live in Kotlas, three more — in the village Shipitsyn. Due to the current situation by the Commission on Emergency Situations of the district budget allocated the necessary funds for the anti-epidemic measures and disinfection treatments," — said in a statement.

Specifies that one case of tularemia infection was recorded in eight children. According to specialists Rospotrebnadzor child infected by the bite of mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies.

In 2011, in the Arkhangelsk region there were four cases of tularemia in the Primorsky region and Arkhangelsk.

Tularemia — natural focal infectious disease characterized by lymph nodes, fever and intoxication. The main sources of the pathogen are rodents. Infection most often occurs among hunters in contact with infected animals, with butchery. Susceptibility to human tularemia is very high. Without treatment, the disease lasts a long time, accompanied by fever, suppuration of lymph nodes and the development of life-threatening complications.

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