Emergency mode is entered in one of the districts of the Volgograd region because of ASF

A state of emergency on Tuesday introduced in the October district of the Volgograd region, where identified outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

ASF has been found in pigs in one of the private farms in the village of Ivanovo Matveevka rural settlement of October district, where the backyard July 14 fell five animals. On the territory of this region and the two neighboring — and Kalachevskyi Svetloyarsky — July 16 quarantined and restrictive measures. First the threatened zone radius of 20 kilometers consists of ten villages and settlements.

"Resolution of the district heads from July 17 in the October district introduced a state of emergency. According to preliminary data, in the first area to be threatened by exclusion 1.92 thousand pigs," — said the representative office.

According to the government of the region, for damages sustained as a result of alienation pigs, individuals and legal entities from the regional budget will be allocated 13.5 million rubles.

From the beginning, in the Volgograd region is already the seventh outbreak of ASF.

African swine fever (disease Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. Under natural conditions, are susceptible to domestic and wild pigs. Infection occurs through contact with sick animals healthy. The disease poses no threat to human health, but extremely dangerous for the animal, since no cure and vaccine. Stop the spread of the virus can only be rigid quarantine.

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