13 — year-old Jora, a resident of Samara, enlightened once enlightened by his parents. It all began with that first "covered" mother, who visited the satsang Caesar Teruel. And she is not listening to what he says, and happily played with the phone sitting in the back rows of the audience. In the evening, all of a sudden she started a spontaneous process ozoznaniya the morning gradually gone over to my dad.



And after a while, "covered" — Zhora 13 years of age. The video — an interview with 13-year-old boy, who opened for questions of being, such as "Who am I?", "What is the mind?", "What is consciousness?" … Here the story of a boy of his enlightenment. Involuntarily, he returned to his original state — the state of awareness itself as an immortal essence, which is different from the consciousness of the mind. Where is the "I" is the true divine consciousness, enlightenment is to be identified with the mind and the body, and after watching them from the side.

Enlightened boy Jora interviews Caesar Teruelya.

In this interview, Caesar answers the question: "Who are you?"


The enlightened master of Advaita tradition of Cesar Teruel. How it came to enlightenment

Cesar Teruel was born in Venezuela in 1969, from his childhood, he was deeply interested in spirituality. The answer to his prayers in December 1998 was a trip to the Sathya Sai Baba, who sent him to the ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvanamalae in South India.

There, from a glance at the statue of Ramana Maharshi, located in one of the halls of the ashram, he experienced a strong and direct experience. His sense of individuality just disappeared in an instant.

This experience was so strong that he could not even feel my body. He saw himself as a space and realize that the world — is an air lock, floating in space, but does not physically exist, that the world — that's not reality, but just a game of shadows and light. At the time, he did not know what had happened to him was a short-term experience of our true "I" as an area of consciousness in which only seems that there is manifest universe. After the return of the body consciousness extraordinary sense of freedom, happiness and peace came over him. He had not eaten or slept almost the whole week. But while he did not have a living teacher, realizes his true self, which could confirm the truth of this experience, so it has been lost.

Just a few months later, he returned to the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba, Caesar met Ratan Lal, a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. He became his teacher and led him along the path of self-exploration, helping him to go back to the experience that he had in his ashram Ramana Maharshi. The next experience was accompanied by new sensations, described them as follows:

"Very gentle and at the same time very powerful vibration arose within me somewhere on the right side of the chest."

Since then, the sense of individuality Caesar was gradually dissolve to extinction. Beginning in July 2005, after the death of a teacher, following his request, Caesar holds satsangs public six days a week at Puttaparthi in southern India. He shares his experiences and knowledge with other seekers of truth, helping them to realize their true "self."


"Every seeker craves release and looking for a teacher, so he showed him the" way "to achieve it. When the seeker wants freedom, and only her, the teacher appears in human form with the" good news "about the fact that the seeker" is already free. "There is only obstacle which does not allow to realize the truth. It is exactly what the seeker thinks of himself ("I am so and so, and I will manifest myself to those other"), and that he believes that he has a what he thinks. So-called spiritual practice — an attempt to eliminate the false impression that there is a searcher of himself. However, this misconception is eliminated simply by transfer of attention from physical objects (all perceived objects, including the body) and mental forms (thoughts, concepts, ideas) on the one who is aware of them. In the process, the mind stops, all the ideas and concepts are destroyed and the seeker realizes who he really is — pure consciousness or awareness is not limited by certain name or form. "

"There is no separate existence, there is only a sense of separateness. There are no individuals, there is only a sense of individuality. Ego also does not exist, there is only a false identification of" I "(Awareness) with a" non-self "(manifestation)."

"What is known as the mind, there is nothing more than an idea," I have a body. "This idea or concept that occurs when a nameless and formless Consciousness (who you really are) identified, associates and limits itself to certain individual form. "

"People say that the exercise — it is an illusion. Actually it means that there is the idea that the exercise separately from its source, the unmanifested consciousness. This is the" idea "is an illusion. Consciousness and what appears, are inseparable. They are one and the same. So who is aware of what? "

"There is the idea that peace can be acquired or taken away from you by means of objects of perception. Actually, the movement, which is called mind, that is the force that determines the psychological conditioning, and there's something that takes away your peace. Peace can not be the object of your desire. Calm — this is who you really are. "

"Peace is lost when you want something, including myself rest."

"Perception without thinking, analyzing and interpreting, and the being."


"Satsang — a dynamic and practical assembly, which is opposite to the sermon, based on the transmission of information. This is a series of questions and answers when looking for a chance to ask questions about the" concepts of truth, "or the practice of experiencing" The Truth ", on which the concept of point. Question indicates the level of understanding of the seeker, and the answer is given in such a way as to help the seeker to understand the deeper teachings and push it inward, providing an opportunity to experience a glimpse of the true self. "

"In satsang you accumulate, do not study and do not acquire more knowledge. Instead, you are invited to forget all the previous concepts, both spiritual and academic. You are invited to explore the reality of who knows and discover who you really are . What is revealed and is known for satsang — the unknown is your own self. "

"The purpose of visit is the realization satsangs unity between what seems to be a split, namely between the unmanifested, the ever-present Coznaniem and what appears in it — this world."

"If you listen to what is said in satsang without thinking, analyzing and understanding, without any attempt to understand, then the truth will penetrate into you, like a virus, and the virus will work itself within you. It will destroy all your preconceived ideas that are obstacles for you to experience the Truth. "

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