Enough to lie and steal

Enough to lie and stealHis sense of honor is and pickpockets, and port whores

(Ernest Hemingway)

The ruling bureaucracy has consistently denied all human rights, one after another, the latest innovations is intense clarification of what is normal in other ways just does not happen.

The truth, told me a few years ago, the phrase "Your democracy and the common good is hostile propaganda of Hollywood" still does not sound on TV, but that is a form rather than content.

After all, we offer a draft law "On Police", which gives the right to future Polizei break into our apartment without a court or prosecutor is any emergency and had to check our documents, being in plain clothes.

We offer seriously discuss the increase in the retirement age over time the average life expectancy in Russia, the introduction of 12-hour day, which in our country in the last time was in the 80s of the XIX century, the abolition of early retirement for heavy duty .

Compulsory payments to our salaries, in relative terms, the higher we get less money. Russia — perhaps the only country in the world where the poor pay for the rich, and not vice versa — and I myself have heard with our ears, as representative of the "United Russia" has publicly called it justice.

This is no joke — this is their idea of justice.

Recent senior administration of President and Vice-Governor of the Vologda region, the current member of the Presidium of the "United Russia" Oleg Matveychev publicly admitted that he, like Martin Luther King, have a dream.

It is true, the dream of a little different nature than the defender of the rights of blacks: to gather in the same area all the citizens of Russia, I think that they have any rights, and dissatisfied totally corrupt officials — member of the Presidium of the "United Russia" calls such people "cattle" and "hamsters" — and wound million on tank tracks.

These are his words: wind million on tank tracks.

However, after the scandal Matveychev hastened to explain that all of this, they say, in order to advertise his latest book, but the words were written, and written in the first person.

I think Matveychev frank: this is really what they dream about.

This is their idea of justice.

In this connection, I have a question for the Russian society: friends, you want to make this idea of justice was yours?

You want your own children in a few years of non-stop brainwashing told you, "We — cattle, we — the bar that must graze great wise shepherds, whose actions are incomprehensible to our meager consciousness, and if we dare to think about their rights, the should be publicly and openly killed with particular cruelty, and this is true? "

What's more: you want to start to think for yourself?

After all, propaganda — a serious thing.

Even Goebbels wrote: the monstrous lie, the more readily believe in it.

And make no mistake: if you will with impunity, routinely and effectively lie on his legacy, would you believe — as believed in the "souvenir democracy", "great energy power", "turning up from its knees", "innovative modernization" and even "normalizing the situation in the the Caucasus. "

There is only one way to keep common sense, adequate perception of reality: not to give liars descent.

After all, why vzbalamutilas ruling-together, why its representatives zalopotali of winding on track of what is best in our people?

Because it is not a bunch of intellectuals, and Russia — all! — Only that his monstrous outrage stopped the first version of the bill "On Police", forcing the president to remove it from 15 of the most cynical and disgusting items.

Because Russia — just that! — His indignation forced the oligarchs, whining, a retraction of the desirability of the 12-hour day.

Because it is Russia, not good king-father the rejection dismissed Moscow's mayor, who had been in power for as long as "Brezhnev".

Because resentment — not a bunch of "pravozastupnikov", and much of the country — makes even the brazen and shameless people ashamed of his membership in the "United Russia".

Public outrage, the accumulated hatred and contempt for thieves and liars in power again, before our eyes, become a force.

And we need to use it in the season destination deputies of the State Duma and the president. Of course, they will be declared the most honest and democratic in the history of our country elections: the "souvenir democracy" their laws.

But we need to capitalize on these opportunities, even the weakest, to improve the situation in the country.

To return to the true meaning of the words, to stop the takeover of the great values of our society.

The task is surely to us quite simple:

that no one, and never dare to lie to us in the eye;

to anybody and never dared openly steal from the state — that is, in fact we have;

that no one has ever dared to call lies and robbery democracy and the market.


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