ESU TK: Time to make next step

ESU TK: time to take the next step

Our homeland has received sverhtehnologichny and effective system of governance at the tactical level

Together with the advanced countries of the West Our homeland finally got sverhtehnologichny and effective system of governance at the tactical level — a single system of tactical control (ESU TZ). A central role in its development completed structure built Concern "Constellation". At the current time, completed work on creating a unified system of command and control and instrument of tactical Armed Forces.

On how to implement this principle project, our correspondent knows the general director of JSC "Concern" Constellation ", Doctor of Technical Sciences Azret Yusupovich Becky.

— Azret Yusupovich, let's start with the question: what are the background and reasons you first brought the 2000s to the need for the creation of the Unified tactical control?

— Due to the massive reduction in the Army in fact the only way to ensure the desired level of combat capability is a system command and control instrument based on the most advanced information and telecommunication technologies. In the late 80's and early 90-ies of the last century in our Armed Forces have a situation characterized by the buildup of general dissatisfaction with the state and the low efficiency of command and control systems. One of the circumstances that caused this state of affairs, was the lack of coordination in development of the defense industry. Scattered efforts of individual companies defense was impossible to perform high-quality breakthrough in the basic tools and information development. And for the creation of the modern automatic control systems and communication systems needed a specific race, even a breakthrough.

ESU TK: time to take the next step

Inconsistency in the decisions razunifikatsiya, low resistance military communications — all of this is particularly acute in the course of military operations in the Caucasus in the 90s and the first 2000s.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2000, before the defense was set basic task to create a unified system of command and control instrument in the tactical level. She achieved a concentration of scientific, engineering and manufacturing resources and to anticipate the 2010 exit to the most advanced technical and technological level of the developed tools, systems and control systems at the tactical level. Without recreating the formation in Russia and qualitatively new scientific, industrial and human capacity to solve this puzzle was unreal. Center of the formation of the respective competences became Concern "Constellation".

Let me remind you of JSC "Concern" Constellation "was established in 2004 at the Voronezh Research Institute of Communications, whose history dates back to 1958. For all the years of the company has developed over 600 kinds of products, first, the military, many of which are accepted for service and supply. Our individual development on the tactical and technical characteristics are not inferior to global peers, and sometimes surpass them.

Western countries, first the United States, had already had a great experience, the clusters in the process of creating a global Internet web. On this basis they have been in 2000, so called "tactical Internet", which is the same as ordinary Web, provides a single information space and information exchange on the principle "with each other." When using a "tactical Internet" Americans were planning to increase threefold combat abilities of their own tactical formations.

— In other words, in the direction of our home is very behind the advanced countries of the West?

— Yes, lagged behind. So Makar, we promptly had to go to such a level virtually from scratch. Armies economically and technologically advanced countries in this period was characterized by energetic and spirited conduct theoretical mining, manufacturing, and practical testing of ACS, including the criteria for actual combat.

ESU TK: time to take the next step

In general, the world is quite fast-paced and technologically intensive rearming, there are constantly new developments. Naturally, Our homeland is not here pervoprohodchikom, but at the same we did and not the laggards. According to our estimates, the current time, all system solutions, acquired and implemented Russian defense enterprises in the field of automation control at the tactical level, are not inferior to global peers. "Limping" development of industrial production in this area, we have lagged behind Western countries.

— What are the main objectives of establishing the Russian TOR ESU were faced with the defense industry?

— The Ministry of Defence have been formulated requirements for ESU TK. Concern "Constellation", which was charged with this very difficult and responsible task was to meet them. First, was tasked to: make a complete reference information technology base management system at the tactical level. He has to have the potential of modernization with the possibility of scalability, adaptability to the conditions of implementation, with an open architecture. In the process of joint activities with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the development and implementation of ESU TK troops we managed to form, in action and experience the fine art technology to consolidate the creation of systems of this class in the future.

At the current time we can confidently state that the Concern "Constellation" in cooperation with the industry managed to make a modern system such as a "tactical Internet". We also believe that equipping troops this system significantly increases the combat capabilities of military units.

— The system passes the test, during which developers were comments and suggestions. What caused this?

— Certainly, it is recognized that certain shortcomings in the development of such a complex system could not be avoided. The complexity and abundance of goals, significant gaps in the development of the individual parts in the past decade — all this had an impact and, ultimately, led to the delay of wide practical implementation of the system to the troops. But the military was not prepared for the fact, that at the beginning and fully construct the system requirements. You could say they have learned together with us. But now we know we need to designers and manufacturers, and military customers.

— So now we can say that in Russia there ESU TK. But time does not stand still, and for the army to create other modern developments. What are the prospects for the ESU TK?

— Obviously, management of large-scale facilities are constantly in development. Information and technical basis of such control systems, as ESU TK asks improvement. A special place in the development of systems has practi
cal experience in the implementation and deployment. With the "feedback" from the consumer process of upgrading at least some of the system is effective. Here, we look forward to the realization of the Defense Ministry.

ESU TK: time to take the next step

In accordance with the tasks of state programs from the total planned re-armament of the Russian Army, especially the Army. To perform these tasks, and was founded Concern "Constellation". We are now at a technical level to rearm in order to re-equip our army tomorrow. We have developed approaches to refurbish aircraft with modern digital communications equipment and automatic control, the rate of re-equipment are in accordance with the instructions of the control of the country. We have to do what was the purpose of the creation of the ESU TK. Just imagine that one of the automatic team in action can change the three are the same in number and armament crews with control means 20 — or 10-year-old. Equip the Armed Forces with modern digital technology is now being considered at the municipal level as the overriding task. During nedavneshnego visit to Voronezh, after dating Concern "Constellation" with the basic set of ESU TK, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stressed that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is very much needed equipment that does not concede on the main features of the multi-functional engineering NATO. He noted that in recent times we have to continue the development of tactical control and faster as you can take it into service of the Army.

ESU TK: time to take the next step

Together with the vice-premier Rogozin at JSC "Concern" Constellation "visited Deputy Governor of the Presidential Administration Alexander D. fluently and first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov. We have shown them available and promising digital media communications and control made by the concern. Now many of our products are made to supply and service. In the past year we have companies in the industry with its subcontractors conducted tests promising municipal ESU TK. Received comments and suggestions for improvements. This, incidentally, is precisely the reverse link, which is very much needed defense industry to work on the modernization of development. As soon as possible we will try to remove comments Defense Ministry and reach the conclusion of many years of contracts for mass creation.

Concern for the "Constellation" which means that passing a very important period of ten years, built the structure becomes another, more important step — the period of high-performance digital devices equipping the Armed Forces.

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