Europe's last dictator blackmail between the Kremlin and the West's pressure

"" Europe's last dictator "Alexander Lukashenko was caught between a rock and a hard place" — the newspaper La Stampa. The Italian press analyzes the behaviors Belarusian leadership in the current economic situation.
Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus reigned 17 years. Most recently, he was sentenced to 5-6 years in prison, all opposition politicians to challenge him in the last presidential election. Lukashenko publicly expressed positive opinions about Hitler, imprisoning journalists and openly regrets Soviet Union "- The newspaper writes.
"And now Alexander Lukashenko" Europe's last dictator, "as he called in its time U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, gets hit with a stick by U.S. President Obama. Barack Obama promised new sanctions against Minsk autocrat in addition to the regular sanctions taken against him and his associates by the European Union, which has over the years punish Lukashenko for violation of individual liberties and for the choices, it seems, are carried out by the Russian model of Putin " — the article says.
"Beat nastsig Belarusian dictator at the time when the national economy was built on the Soviet templates, falls under the cruel blows of the reality of a currency is devalued, foreign exchange reserves are drying up.'s Only hope of mode is Moscow, which promised a loan of $ 3 billion. But stick attached whip: in exchange Lukashenko should privatize a number of facilities primarily in the area of the gas transmission network in the direction of Europe. It is obvious that the buyer will become the "Gazprom" — the newspaper writes.
"Mustachioed father was trapped in a pincer movement between East and West," — concludes La Stampa.

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