Europe preaches entomophagy

Old World can update and eating habits. The European Union is preparing to move to the insectivorous diet. EU leadership is going to allocate more than two and a half million euros for the promotion of the idea entomophages.

Promote eating bugs and worms intends British Food Standards Agency. One of the initiators of the project, a Dutch professor Marcel Dicke, presents a very compelling case for products of invertebrates arthropods. In 14 years the world population will reach 9 billion people. The meat will be a real deficit.

Better alternative, according to the scientist, just do not find. After meals of insects are incredibly diverse. In this scorpion soup, fried locusts or larvae in their own juice — a godsend not just for foodies, but for those who are watching their figures. Protein in many insects, and almost no fat. In addition, the production of the insects is very beneficial economically.

Especially compared to beef cattle. Plus, according to entomophagous experienced, insects — it is delicious. True, unlike the majority of Asians Europeans is not yet ready to move to such a diet .. However, most of the objectors have long eats midges and spiders. After all, the average life of a person eats about 300 grams of insects with other products without even knowing it.

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EU authorities have allocated about $ 4.5 million to study nutritional value of insects. It is assumed that the dishes of crickets, bees, scorpions and locusts will not only prevent starvation in many Third World countries, but will be included in the daily diet of the Europeans, writes The Telegraph.

Fried grasshoppers? Creme brulee of bees? Soup of spiders? It does not sound very appetizing, but experts from the European Union seriously believe that insects can be a vital staple food, which will not only solve the problem of global food shortages, but also help save the environment. EU authorities have provided over $ 4 million to study the usefulness and nutritious insects, control the process of asking the experts from the British Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Supporters entomophagy — as in scientific language called people who eat insects, argue that the beetles, and grasshoppers are rich in protein and contain virtually no cholesterol. According to one study, the grasshoppers contains 20% protein and only 6% of the fat in ground beef — 24% protein to 18% fat. In addition, biologists say, the crickets in calcium, termites in — iron and eating bees useful for potency. Plus insects produce far less greenhouse gases than cattle, and far less voracious, making them environmentally friendly farming, the proponents of entomophagy.

European scientists that examine the usefulness of insects, claim that by 2020 Products of crickets, spiders and crickets will be sold in all supermarkets, and people will be surprised to remember a time when there are insects considered something out of the ordinary. The researchers say that the beetles tastes like clams and flying insects will be perceived by people as "shrimp from the sky."

Now researchers at the security check of insects, because many of the organisms they contain harmful bacteria that can cause allergies in humans or lead to other, more terrible disease. Of course, such an innovative EU project has already found many opponents, who claim that the government wasting wasting taxpayers' money.

For the first time the idea to fight hunger through mass consumption of insects, was made by a British scientist Vincent Holt in 1885. Biologist suggested this idea to the starving peasants, but the success of the project to no avail. However, scientists say that to get used to eating insects Europeans will be quite easy — according to their data, every year each person eats 500 grams of fine particles of insects that fall into the vegetables, fruits and meat. By the way, in many Asian dishes from insects can be purchased in each market.


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