Even today, December 2

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


It will be cold at night -25 .. -27 ° C, -10 day .. -16 ° C.

Do not pass:

Astana summit of the OSCE

Radio speeches of presidential candidates Dmitry Uss and Statkevich

Televised presidential candidate Viktor Tereshchenko and Yaroslav Romanchuk

Briefing by the Head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Savinykh

National History Museum, a unique presentation of the coin since the Grand Duke Vytautas ON and the Battle of Grunwald

Minsk, the Europa League football match "Bate -" Dynamo Kiev "


1409 — opened Leyptsygski University

1804 — Napoleon Bonaparte declared himself Emperor of France

1942 — Enrico Fermi won the first controlled nuclear chain reaction

1946 — an agreement to combine the occupation zones of Germany

1992 — sent the first SMS-message


1776 — Belarusian philosopher Angel Dovgird.

1886 — Belarusian composer Nikolai Ravenskih.

1923 — Soviet and Russian politician Alexander Yakovlev.

1923 — American opera singer Maria Callas

1946 — Italian fashion designer Gianni Versailles

1958 — Olympic champion vyaslyar Parfenovich

1962 Olympic champion, football player Alexander Zygmantovich

There is a reason

World Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Laos, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates — Independence Day

MINUS 365:

Victor Martinovich: "Paranoia" — is completely fantasy, my imagination fiction

Quote to remember:

"At the beginning of perestroika we had to partially lie, hypocrisy, cunning — was no other way. We had to — and in this specific adjustment of the totalitarian system — to break the totalitarian communist party."

Alexander Yakovlev

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