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On Belarusian TV finally allowed the opposition, the presidential candidates. Allowed in the protrusion of the two half-hour to say anything — uncut, uncensored. What is your impression of airtime to the politicians themselves, as their public statements evaluate professionals?

Phrases such as "choose the president, and chose the king," "to the change of power is a few weeks," "the last dictatorship in Europe", "the KGB will be dissolved" sounded in the Belarusian air for the first time. But is it really convey the presidential candidates their programs, ideas, and as they say now, "message" to the electorate? How they are perceived audience?

Svetlana Naumova

Political scientist Svetlana Naumova expressed the opinion that to a format that the CEC has set for candidates — two times for 30 minutes in the air without the use of musical "adbivak", "jingle", audio and video clips:

"All of them put in extremely adverse conditions. Any one of us at this low plant a blue background, make a point to look and move forbid — you know, none of us would not look good, including the current president. I can imagine how it could look on this background, … As for the claims against them, must somehow reduce the degree. "

A criticism of each of the candidates who spoke in the radio and television, very much. Internet is full of articles with titles such as "Shame on the air," said the forums are not just lazy. How to feel the air of the candidates themselves?


Mikhalevich appeared on television for the first day. Extensive experience of public speaking has not.

"Genre" talking heads "- is the most thankless genre. We were not allowed to take into the studio audiovisual information, to put some of his videos. It was said, that's 30 minutes into the camera and say what you want.

Make-up artist made some basic things, then brought into the studio show where we sit, how will focus camera, which will be a countdown. At my request, is it possible to turn off the countdown, and include up to 5 minutes before the end, they said that no, he will all the time. This, of course, in a way to distract attention. National minimum information was. "


Politician Statkevich— The speaker with the experience. At rallies, street protests stands for 20 years. Once participated in a televised debate with the head of Alexander Belgosteleradio Zimouski. Here's what he told about his impressions of the last visit BT as a candidate for the presidency:

"On the part of the staff — the impression is friendly, but a little frightened. A young man was trying to explain something to me a long time about violations of the law. As for the behavior of the frame, particularly did not explain anything. My only complaint: it is obvious that the angle was — a "talking head", even his hands were not visible, only the corner of the table. It was difficult to gestures. And most importantly — the poor lighting. Even my friends have noticed that the shadows under the eyes. It is seen that did not try. As for make-up, powder again brushed and ready. "

Zinaida Bondarenko

As for the work of directors, cameramen, asvyatlyalnikav, People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko, who gave television for more than three decades, says:

"I have the feeling that they are acting, well, not as enemies, but not very friendly … Of course, their duty — to explain, to show where to look. But, it seems that they were not interested in it too. They prompt who will be out of power, the deputies. Of course, depends on how the director will say, "Warning: Do not worry, you're in the frame. Lights twinkle — start talking." From the voice of the director's style, much depends. "

Leonid Mindlin

All the candidates were placed in the same conditions. TV journalist with many years of Leonid Mindlin thus praised the performances of the candidates:

"The most impressive — it's certainly Sannikov. First, the text is very strong, radical text. The second half of his speech was more emotional. Like the iPad for. He was talking. He spoke to the audience, talked with the electorate, had someone in mind to someone personally addressed. Well, from Kastusiou very difficult experience, both in content and in how it happened. Sincere people, of the people of the Shklow. The result was so good peasant boy. Here it is remembered. But everything else — I have so many questions to his program. "

Political analyst Svetlana Naumova so appreciated the performance of the candidates who were on the air from Monday to Wednesday:

"I was, oddly enough, most of all liked the iPad for. He spoke very sincerely from the heart. I hear it was not boring. As for our young people, and Michalevic Rymasheuski, they were boring. As for Sannikov, there was felt experience in public speaking, although it did not fail to thrill, he's a little nervous and a lot of reading on paper. It is felt that Kastusiou very little experience, but in general, he said, all that is usually said any member of the BPF. Only, perhaps, Dmitry Uss caused such sincere regret … "

People's Artist of the Speaker, a veteran Zinaida Bondarenko most hit television appearance Andrei Sannikov.

"He left a most pleasant experience, because at least he was smiling. Although all tense, tense, because it is their first public appearance. It was necessary a long time to prepare. And we, as always, everything at the last minute. That's raznyavolenne — it did not come all at once, with one or two meetings, classes. It is a whole system of exercises to raznyavolenne for free behavior in the frame to be able to use his hands, smile, eyes, inner smile … There's a whole school is … "

Ahead of the presidential candidates on one more, and some, and for two performances. TV journalist Leonid Mindlin gives this advice:

"Such a" talking head. " This should take into account those who favor. So you need to talk more emotionally, it adds dynamics. Needs some plastics hands. No need to wave and gesticulate. Remember, as Lukashenko uses his hands, strong plastic. Everything he says, he emphasizes hands gesture. "

For those who are playing: we must be able to maintain and keep a dialogue with viewers. A dialogue is not, unfortunately.

People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko also willing to share the secrets of professional skills:

"For those who are playing: we must be able to maintain and keep a dialogue with viewers. A dialogue is not, unfortunately. Man talking alone with the camera, and in fact, he is engaged in dialogue with the viewer. Need to ask questions and immediately myself to answer them. And it will be easier. "

In the West, public policy are using image-makers, advisors. Consult, how to dress, how pavozits themselves to the audience. Naturally turn to the so
-called speechwriter who helped prepare it. I asked Leonid Mindlin, or use the Belarusian policy expert advice?

"Maybe with someone and doing. But, as we have, and there is no democracy, we do not have image-makers or advisors in the field. So far, most of the candidates said that they do not need. They say that they are self-sufficient, they will come on television, and it has to be interesting. I think this is a big mistake. "

Naturally, if a person goes into politics, he should be a public personality, be able to wit, accurately and clearly convey its program to the electorate. Not everybody can be the nature of the tribune of the speaker. This needs to learn.


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