Final Word Habarova LV in court!

-Speech by their own comrades in public activities as self-sacrifice for the sake of justice. And I repeat that Russian public organization name Minin and Pozharsky, it's a natural reaction of ordinary people of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation to the Patriots lawlessness that takes place in our country. And the main reason we can say this is the root cause of failure to comply with the laws of the state or a very selective approach to its implementation of the law enforcement system itself. Well, from here all the failures: first exorbitant corruption threatens the very existence of the country, it is a steady decrease in the actual level of ordinary people, the complete degradation. Follow the root cause of wretchedness of those in power.

How should our requirements is conducting a criminal investigation into the activities of certain municipal officials of the untouchables, so shall respect the principle of equality before the law for all, regardless of employment status and other events.
The main objective of the organization of the militia fighting for the strengthening of the constitutional order of the country as a base, the mandatory implementation of the law by all citizens from the president to the homeless.

I certainly understand that citizens are able to compare, evaluate the facts in particular when it comes to national defense, security, I'm not talking about the facts of the opening of betrayal by some municipal interests of bureaucrats from the control of the country.
Then I mentioned the All-Russian officers' and attended by representatives of all districts, all power structures of all kinds and types of troops, were members of the clergy, public organizations, there were representatives of the State Duma, the Federation Council, had all the media and the performance may be I read, but a short record, the performance of the 1st a nuclear scientist, it is a cry of his heart was when he officially announced at the meeting, the fact of the betrayal of municipal interests of certain municipal officials about the transfer of technology sovsekretnnyh Yankees.

These technologies, which allow remote detection and destruction of nuclear weapons component funds, wherever they may be, let it be at launch sites or underground in mines or submarines in the days of the ocean or nuclear power plants. You do realize that it is completely reverses all eyes on the vigorous use of guns. Agree what is the point at home to have mine kitted radio fuses, if the code you gave control to the enemy. And the most curious that no syllable before the meeting did not work, although all the media were.

This scientist was killed, and was engaged in business of your staff Lt. Gen. Victor Ilyukhin of Justice, the same was killed.

I do not get to you then why put yourself say so in an uncomfortable position, to cause the pressure upstream of the criminals want a legitimate real, falling to Lukicheva, Gorbachev, Botnari, the task of which provoke, to dramatize, to fabricate, to break, to knock out their own comrades-in- public activity data. Although the methods and means to compromise the All-Russian public company "Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky," to put it out of bounds.

It is clear that one can think of it is real state of affairs. But the fact is fearful position that will claim a large internal self-justification to themselves before the people of, hang on you as a burden. It should sully this mucky esprit de corps and the person skilled, sinking to the level of thimblerigger Lukicheva, Gorbachev and Botnari.

In the ranks of the militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky people who believe that if the country is in danger, they should be involved in the fate of the motherland. They are the ones who do not succumb to provocations lulling conscience calling to shift the defense of the fatherland in the Lord God, to anyone, that the protection of the Russian Federation is not our mind works. Is not just a defense of the Russian Federation with you our brain works. Well, the situation shows how to use your own skills and abilities.

As we have in Russia in the people they say, if you're a man, a child drowning, Escape, the house is burning carcasses killed defend the Motherland.

People's Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky unite patriots statesmen of all civilizations, nations, led by the government-forming sistemoopredelyayuschim Russian people. In Russia led the fight to strengthen the constitutional order against the base of it falling apart, crime of corrupt officialdom of the management of the country, which have become the path of open state treason and use their own abilities and compelling opportunities to undermine the spiritual, political, economic, scientific and technological potential of the country.

Law enforcement agencies of the FSB, which in the criminal cowardice, pusillanimity, condone offenders, but the zeal and inspiration victimized patriots and their loved ones.

I and my fellow public activities are not corrupt, not bandits, do not drink, do not inject, do not roll at a TV set, watching dom2 and the other a blue haze. Try to understand what all the same sense that a person's life, if it is natural person, not wishing trunk, floating down the river. Feel responsible for everything that happens and does not happen in this life. They are the ones who love Russia so much, and understand the situation so deep that they can not do nothing.

And indeed in life itself that there were always people who aspired to one of the highest life, and the other to the well-fed, there's no getting around it.
Yes, we played for the social revolution for national, spiritual, moral revival of. During the dictatorship of the country, economy, focusing on the scientific and technical potential, agriculture, science and other areas of life and livelihoods. During the dictatorship of the law, the law should be for everyone, it is bad or good, but it is holy and must comply with the president and a bum and Chubais and Khabarov Lukichev and Kralin and Sidorenko and others.

Here we have to legislate everything is normal, normal constitution, common law, but once again accent the unique selectivity in this regard. Why have I read but once again will stop the followers of TV series "The Sword", "Voroshilov arrows" are taking up guns, but because people do not feel under a government that should protect them from arbitrary bureaucrat either mandatory government officials, bandits. Our some bureaucrats from law enforcement and judicial proceedings of this also is not too far gone. Because seeing that the government, the government, the legal system, the judicial system only shows her an advantage and unwavering confidence in impunity perpetrated by arbitrariness, taken on its own and the means to defend in accordance with truth and justice. Understand that the people simply have no other choice.

It should be groveling and timidity in the middle of officials. The armed forces allowed Serdyukov, I do not know what to do, it is routed Serdyukov, surely neither the CIA nor Massad would not have done so much, the tenth bit of what made it the Minister of Defense, past.

In fact it is the degeneration of the FSB what that you are aware of already reduced the two are not the most appropriate department of the Federal Security Service, a service of economic counter-intelligence, it is not needed by the state and counter-intelligence service FSB security facilities. Most unnecessary, left only service that will fight with the Patriots.

Our law enforcement system is turned into kravohranitelnuyu Justice in krivosudie.

Here understand the inauguration of the President goes, well, I do not know that government posmeshestvo turned into a scarecrow. I'm in the chamb
er, reading, doing, but put into the camera and tele-hungry blue screen and all of the remaining stare all in a row. There is a presidential inauguration is May 7, I read and I suddenly laugh, father, father, grandfather means there look. A jubilant mass, and did not realize that a jubilant mass, center of Moscow are two cars this day the center of Moscow. Laugh, laugh prisoners well, at least it would be a bunch of people cheering, that card-playing, the president of being taken to Moscow to receive the oath, empty Moscow. Laugh well though there fsbshnikov dressed in civilian clothes indicate the presence of jubilant people. Another read what people like him so damn afraid of incense. Well before then walk it specially made, well-neuzh is necessary, because it is whole world looking for what idiots of themselves to do something.

Defense of the homeland is a duty and obligation is recorded in the Russian Federation Constitution, Article 59. The village Bogorodskoe, Noginskogo district of Moscow region so far 144 people of our soldiers is not recognized, and yet how many asked to produce identification, zero. Americans treated South American veterans treated assist, and two billion at the monument to Yeltsin which We have Drama Theatre worth two billion rubles I mentioned, found, to his birthday. Well if any of this cynicism, for the award for what he 87% of highly enriched uranium in Russia is 500 575 tons of Yankees sold for 11 billion dollars, while the present value of $ 8 trillion dollars. Well, what's wrong field for our law enforcement agencies.

I do not know why you and me that are cut as suckers, well, it should be possible without both. The Federal Security Service to you our safeguard against the country's security service or pocket Chubais and others in authority municipal criminals on us from the people.
This is what we are trying to the best of their own abilities to perform your work. Why is silent the law enforcement system, not asking individuals for their respective criminal activities.

Why, after all, my own incomplete 66 years, 44 years who gave in service in the armed forces, half of them in the Airborne Troops, passed two wars, have a higher combat municipal services, worn down to the last degree of strength to have to do your job . Do not we have to sit here, you do not have to waste your time. You should do agree that if the law enforcement system faithfully doing the law and the constitution, would have reason to engage all Khabarov Kralina, Ladeyschikovymi.

I'm always for the horror, but conscientiously served Russian Union, Russia, the Fatherland, and not leaders. For the sake of your kids and grandchildren who have to live a decent life, and not to vegetate and to survive in a country with ditching the economy, industry, education, population drunken degraded, corrupt management at all levels of our state system.

Here we are with you are witnessing a crime and there is clear evidence I repeat, only if enough courage and civilian positions in our Federal Security Service, the law enforcement system to take over the case. They dread the thought is well aware that by doing bolshennomu account indications coming at the expense of the state, municipal criminals of the highest rank, the more becoming accomplices in the crime. Although zealously and with the inspiration I repeat victimized patriots and friends, who are trying to say something, to make utility rescue of. Well, still thank God there are decent people in all municipal structures, the administrative board, including in law enforcement and the judicial system. And believe me, that every day we become more and more.

The fact that justice can not be banned, as well as the desire of the people to a dignified human life out of a sense of common sense from a simple self-preservation understand that without looking at the ceiling all lawful ways, justice will still be routed to the road itself. Well, if it's something that will be gone appropriated what is the meaning of this life, we have to RF our people long harnesses, there is a saying. He was still silent, but you understand that silence is usually menacing character, there are measures people's patience is not unlimited, and it is.

And I remember being in Lefortovo Metropolitan really do not sparkle if the clouds real harsh puch on the topic. Well, certainly means everyone will get on their own merits and those who fought with courage civilian clothes with real offenders. Its given to those who remained inactive, taking a fearful position of UN observer, pretending that nothing is noticing and certainly those who zealously with inspiration dealt with the Patriots. I repeat our own kids and grandchildren will not have to be ashamed of, that's what they utter Lukicheva, Fedorenko, well and quickly they utter their kids and grandchildren for their criminal acts.
We have done a fair deal acting on their own rallies and realize I remembered a poem Gulneva the curtain

Oh my, the Russian tribe
Do not wake us in the morning!
Changes in no time —
Change the leaders.
Memory we will not change —
Continues to age, as if for a year!
We appreciate our homeland
And people had received his sight.

Thank you!
Thank you so much for giving Vladislav Zhernakova decoding performance Habarova LV in court.

I have the honor, Guards. Major Dmitry Khabarov

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