Fire tornado caused a fire at a factory in Hungary

A fire in a factory for processing plastics in Hungary was the cause of a rare phenomenon fiery tornado. The incident occurred on the evening of March 1 in the suburb of the Hungarian capital Budapest Kishtarche. No casualties incidents are not reported.

Fire tornado in Hungary

According to witnesses, some flames reached 4.5 meters. Also at the scene were heard sounds of explosions, according referring to The Daily Mail.

Fire tornado in Hungary

On the causes of the fire has also not been reported. To put out were thrown about 70 firefighters. They had to tear down a wall around the factory to begin the elimination of ignition. Area of the building on fire, was 400 square meters.

Such a thing as a fiery tornado, usually due to the wildfires and can reach 10 to 50 feet high and a few meters wide. Lasts a tornado is usually only a few minutes. At the same time there is evidence that a fiery tornado swept through over some kilometers.

The most destructive tornado of fire was reported in 1923 in Japan. Then a huge pillar of fire for 15 minutes killed 38 thousand people.

In August of last year in Brazil witnesses filmed fiery tornado on video. Vortex funnel passed through a burning field in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, in the sky, forming a giant flaming torch. By this time in the area for three months there was no rain, so that drought and high winds contributed to the spread of fires only

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