Flats can cause inadequate

Flats can cause inadequateFlats can cause inadequate — Lugansk doctor Sergei Scherbatykh.

Residents of the city is more common, because more are the negative factors of the environment. Told
said neurologist Lugansk hospital № 2 Sergey Scherbatykh.
"Human health is influenced by his surroundings, his habitual way of life, bad habits. Negative impact on health has equipment: phone, computer, TV. I can say that the people closer to all the natural, nature, the more he is healthy. Why summer everyone wants to leave the city and relax in nature? Because it gives a boost of energy and health. In the town are many factors that influence health. I do not know how people are, but the animals that live in high-rise apartments, exhibit inappropriate behavior. It is for them an unnatural environment "- said the neurologist.
Doctors found that the live high — is harmful to health. The fact is that for the normal functioning of the body needs a certain level of magnetic field of the Earth.

If it weakens, then the person has a serious health problem.
Specialists thoroughly studied this issue. It was found that above the 7th floor of the weakening of the magnetic field is such that it adversely affects health. Attenuation factor is health standards, but lowering the field twice already bad.
In addition, doctors considered the effect on the material of which the building is constructed. Thus, the field weakens the concrete by about 10%, brick — by 7%, and the tree by only 1%. Weakened geomagnetic field harms the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems, creating a body to the additional load.

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