Flooding in the Kuban region could lead to penetration of chemicals into the sea

Chemicals, oil and other lubricants, got out of homes and stores in the Black Sea in the Kuban rezultatenavodneniya can lead to increased water pollution by toxic substances, told RIA Novosti the head of Greenpeace Russia toxic program Alexei Kiselyov.

"I can imagine that washes away all domestic over large areas: household chemicals, oil products, some trucking station can store fertilizers. Naturally, one way or another, it all fell into the sea. But now talking about the level of pollution does not work. First, the majority is already somewhere in the region of Bulgaria (in the Black Sea — Ed.), and secondly, after everything was done to save lives, maybe somewhere will find a high concentration of substance, then it will be necessary to understand, "- said Kiselev.

He also said that it is now necessary to understand in which standing treatment facilities are the most affected by the disaster of Crimea.

Flooding on the night of July 7 sank about five thousand houses in the three cities and several villages of the Krasnodar Territory. Killed, at last count, 171 people. Cause flooding officials describe rainfall. The version of the cause of the catastrophic flood could become Neberdzhaevskogo discharges water reservoir, the investigation refused when it was determined that discharges were regular, non-mass and overflow dams were recorded.

Krasnodar authorities report that the flood affected more than 26,000 people.

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