For 8 years — 60 ships

For 8 years - 60 ships

Organizations of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) for 8 years to build 60 ships in the interests of the Defense Ministry. This was said yesterday the president of Roman Trocenko.

— Now we litsezreem that brand new shipbuilding policy of the Ministry of Defence will have a high-quality result — was quoted as Interfax-AVN. — It is believed that by 2020, the Navy RF will have a new look and a new lineup.

According Trocenko for 8 years, companies USC for the Russian Navy will build 60 ships of various classes. It is including six nuclear submarine of project 885 "Yasen" diesel-electric submarines of Project 636, a series of corvettes being built by the Amur plant.

USC president noted that the Baltic shipbuilding factory "Amber" will become a major producer of ships 2 and 3 rank. The plant annually will take the Russian Navy ships, 2-3. Already, "Amber" one hundred percent secured orders until 2018. Last Friday plant passed the Indian Navy new frigate Teg. Construction Project 11356 frigate Teg was launched here in April 2007. A contract for the construction of three frigates of the Indian Navy was signed on 14 July 2006 in the Divide. Its total price — about 1.6 billion. bucks.

USC — the largest shipbuilding holding RF, made in 2007. It comes more than 50 companies and organizations in the industry (the major shipbuilding and repair yards, leading design bureaus). At the current time based on the SMA consolidated about 70 percent of Russia's shipbuilding industry. 100 percent of USC is in federal facilities.

As Roman said Trocenko, in the coming three years, USC will develop and submit the Defense Ministry projects of common platforms promising vehicles.
— Russian Navy is in a transitional stage, when defining the future development and prospects of the different classes of ships, — he said. — In the PSC understand that the Navy should reduce both the species and class composition of the surface and submarine forces.

According Trocenko, work in this area is intensively planning organizations USC. Namely, is the development of so-called unified platform of the types and classes of ships that will be the basis of the Russian Navy in the future. Thus, the class corvettes project will be ready in 2012. Ship oceanic zone will appear in 2013, and project aircraft carrier is planned to finish in 2014.

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