For all of Lukashenko's opponents — one color

"We need to draw a picture of our" leaders "- the alternative candidates. Should explain that there is no difference between them," — said Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk on Monday during a meeting with his confidants.

"I know all the ins and outs of them: they are all grown from the same root. All of them — this is an alternative to the current government, white-red-white, aimed at violent Belarusization, people exclusively pro-Western vector" — the president said. He added that they are also prone to "the sale of state property."

"These games in the Russian instrument in order to show that there is (among them — Interfax) the difference, and the most in this respect — to win back votes from the incumbent president," — said Lukashenko.

Thus, he says, "to these nine people must be certain ideological portrait. "

Lukashenko also criticized on the performances of the candidates for president on the air of the Belarusian TV.

"They demanded the live broadcast — they have provided. Today they do not have their assistants and ideologues openly declare that it would be better not use live. They thought they will go great speakers on the screen will say a few words, and the people run after them to give voice . Turns out, it's not so easy, "- said the president.
He questioned the ability of Andrei Sannikov, a negotiator who take credit for negotiations on a nuclear-free status of Belarus. Lukashenko said that in exchange for exported from Belarus nuclear weapons country has received nothing but "it (the weapon — Interfax) — huge amount of money."

Commenting on the statements of another candidate's plans to sell the Russian pipeline system and Belarus refineries in the event of his victory, Lukashenko said, "They get paid, and paid time — it will be necessary pay something. "

On Last week in an interview with Le Figaro French president said that Andrei Sannikov and Nyaklyayeu financed by Russia.

"Imperfection and vulnerability of each of these (alternative candidates — Interfax) is obvious," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

"We must not allow them to deceive the people," — said the president.

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