For credit card quick march!

For credit card quick march!In the army maintains corporate card or bank transfer for fighter

This year, the Russian military will not become millionaires, but they are poor is not exactly call. Lieutenant currently has about 50 thousand rubles per month, the general — more than 100. Shoveled the entire army monetary mechanism, department heads came to the completely new currency scheme. What design rules currently in force in the armed forces, why they gave the initial step fails and is done for the timely payment of the soldiers and officers of the amounts owed to them? On these and other issues in an exclusive interview with "Russian newspaper" said Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova.
Tatiana, the military in the army for six months receive funds under the new rules. What you were not satisfied with the former scheme? People would have raised salaries, allowances increment. And here the whole law had to cook.

Tatyana Shevtsova: The need for reform of the monetary system for military personnel in the new criteria was due to the low amount of foreign currency allowances and the distortions in its structure.

In what ways?

Over the past 20 years fraction of the salary exchange content decreased from an average of 80% to 28% of the foreign exchange allowances, and the number of additional payments for various gain more than 100. In other words, there was a gap amounts of content from the base currency exchange allowance amounts. The conceptual approach to the reform of the currency contentment lay in the fact that together with the decision to substantially increase the size of the currency and make allowances for its newest structure, which should form the base salaries of foreign exchange content — salary in rank and salary for military position (on average 50 percent of the the size of foreign exchange allowance).

On this basis, and worked on the preparation of the draft Federal Law "On Currency allowances for military personnel and provide them with some benefits." It was systematized all the legal acts adopted in the last decade. As a result, foreign exchange for the troops on the average increased by 3-3.5 times, changed its structure. An essential part of the mark-ups that did not have the stimulating character, we are immersed in the new basic salaries.

Brand new system is constructed in such currency contentment Makar, so much intrigue officer Professor growth. Knowledge of foreign languages, the availability of sports categories and titles, the highest class qualification and other characteristics of the service is now building up foreign exchange allowances for military personnel.

In the process of drafting a new law, we are not simply counted the gain. Constantly checking in military units, watched as the life there meets the notion of "special conditions of service" monitored criterion of military service military personnel.

And only then decide which category of officers and contract soldiers deserve establish allowances for the special conditions of military service regardless of the specificity of military service in special criteria and the accompanying stress.

It is, so to speak, an expression of the essence of currency reform. There she and organizational features. Over the past three years the number of budget in the armed forces dropped from 6.5 thousand to 400. We ensure high transparency and centralization of settlements that is crucial for combating corruption. Now assigning monetary allowances to servicemen involved single settlement center of the Defense Ministry (ICC).

He also serves recruits?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Of course. For example, the individual data recruits vernal call this year will be entered into the database of ICC in August, immediately after the draft.

With the money grumble HR Manager

Are not you afraid that after the delay with the army, the first benefit people perceive such innovations in arms?

Tatyana Shevtsova: I hope this does not happen. Technical failure in transferring the money, which you mentioned, there was because of the wrong base recipients. We fled because of cash payments to bank cards. And the banks are very carefully inspect the individual data of their clients. If the surname, first name, middle name and year of birth of the person does not coincide with the means at their information, the facilities are just not list. When in January means accrued soldiers and officers of the payments the banks returned to refine the individual data. It turned out that one of the soldiers changed his name, others have issued new credit cards. There have been cases where people have reported staffing agencies information not on its own credit card, bank card and a spouse or parent.

Simply put, monetary allowances for the bank came Claudia P. Ivanov, and the amount has been accrued Ivan I. Ivanov?

Tatiana Shevtsova: Something like this. When the detected errors of fact, the information base was necessary to adjust. This, of course, it took time — two weeks, respectively, were created and payment delays.

In addition, we had to "stitch" software One settlement center with working programm banks, and at the moment we are dealing with 57 such organizations. In any banks, this process took a little time was slower in others. But in the end, everything worked more or less quickly.

In March and April, issued a "list of individual data," and asked to bring all the troops there personal information and bank details.

You can say what the centralization of payments permitted to control offices ICC criminal scheme to identify with the role of monetary control in the Stavropol region, where carried out the illegal transfer of funds "dead souls."

How's that?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The database of human bodies was a list of the military, and in the center of the settlement appeared another — authentic. When they are correlated, immediately realized: there is a "dead souls." The data transferred to the prosecutor. As a result, illegally paid money back, but on the monetary authority officials engaged postscripts, brought a criminal case. It has served us a harsh lesson, and that such facts do not recur, we have strengthened the analytical control at all steps of calculation and transfer of money, have also tightened screening at mission control to regional monetary authorities. Now the candidacy of each of their first comprehensive study personnel and law enforcement agencies, then it discusses the departmental financial and economic power, after that, a draft of the order, and only after an order is submitted for signature of the Minister of Defence.

I understand that the only source disk imaging on the military to calculate the monetary allowances are human organs?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The only source of the "individual" disk imaging is currently the Main Personnel Directorate of the Defense Ministry — GAM, which is responsible for the personal information of military servicemen and reliability of the established allowances.

GAM is preparing draft orders by size of salaries by position title, which allowances must be paid, for example, Captain Ivan I. Ivanov of such a / h CSC employees are not allowed to enter any configuration. They are involved in purely technical work — create accruals, form lists the recipients of funds transfer to your bank card soldiers.

If complaints come to the incorrect payments to them, also understands human body together with the staff of CSC. For example, a person reported: you pay me increase for spec
ial conditions of military service 10 percent and should be — 30. And GUKe find out whether there is a respective order, sent to the commander of the appropriate information in a personnel agency.

From HR managers can not hide anything. A military spouse can anyone clarify how much is now her husband?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Actually, you can not report to a certain amount. Protection of personal data ensures the safety of this information. But the response may include: your spouse currency allowances paid in full such number.

I constantly have to deal with such appeals. Sent a note that requests from the troops soon became less. Usually, the issues are turning their wives or mothers of recruits.

At the moment, details about their own currency contentment over the past month military personnel can be found in our "Private soldier" on the official website of the Ministry of Defence. This program runs from July 2.

What about computer privacy?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Free access to it, of course not. To enter the "My Account", enter a personal number serviceman and a unique password.

"E" means — my

We return to the delays in payments. The officers wrote in "RG", which name lists for the calculations in some military units have requested the other day of the New Year. Everything was done in a big hurry here — errors in the individual data.

Tatyana Shevtsova: Immediately say that there was no rush. Especially since that financiers in the army already had their information base on which the military every month invoiced currency allowances.

Another thing is that the database could contain incorrect, as I have already read. In the military units all know each other, and when in the sheet name instead of "Chechetkin" worth "Chechetkin" middle name "G." is written as "G." their funds in the accounts people still getting. And with the banks is not passed. The control system of individual data there stern and debugged. Do not put a point there, or in the recipient's last name confused shaped as letters "e" and "f" means the payment will not work. That's so that there was no returns, we rechecked all the data. Also specifies the individual data and details.

For those of you not think that this process months were spent?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Today, he adjusted. All military personnel whose data is in the database of ICC, measured foreign exchange allowance is paid.

But, of course, some questions people have always will be. Is it true you are awarded a factor in my seniority? It is the right and the mentality of our people — vary accruals. But available in small quantities prepyadstviya not justified the creation of one clearing center. I specifically looked much as it appeals to the military last year, even when operated ancient system of foreign exchange allowance: 5 thousand. And at this time in six months — also five thousand. If we divide them into military neighborhood, is 250 appeals per month. But, that they became even less commanders, human bodies need more intensive information campaigns for the troops.

Again, as I have indicated the ability of "Personal Account" will remove a lot of questions. Especially since it is possible to send by mail a request to the electrical ICC.

But access to the web of the army are not all and not everywhere.

Tatyana Shevtsova: If the soldier is not home computer, he is in his military unit. Connected to the web of our garrisons.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation following the procedure provided for receiving payslips, bypassing the Web. Information on foreign exchange allowances for military communication channels are transmitted from the ICC through the territorial bodies of cash to commanders of military units. So, when visiting the Southern Military Area found that the settlement sheets for May got all who asked for them.

With monetary information sorted out. Let's talk about the redemption of funds. Serves people in the town — no problems, went to the bank and withdrew funds from its own card. But on the "points" of bank branches there. What to do?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Banks are willing to set free ATMs in military units.

In order to promptly bring to the military order of non-cash foreign exchange allowances active work on the installation of ATMs in the units of the Defense Ministry, with free access within walking distance.

In addition, as part of monitoring the situation, in June and July 2012 in the Central, Southern and Western military area were interviewed commanders of military units for the absence of ATMs in remote garrisons. Received from their information will be analyzed and will be reported to the credit agencies.

And there, where they are, as they say, "nedotyagivaet" work field institutions of the Central Bank of Russia. We kept them in the recent monetary structure of the armed forces. Basically, they are designed to work in the special period. Even in peacetime, do basic tasks — delivering funds in inaccessible areas, maintain our military bases abroad. Unless, of course, there are no branches of Russian banks.

We have agreement with some lending institutions to place their ATMs inside the field offices of the CBR. There are communication and the necessary infrastructure to service personnel. Because there are no problems here.

Recruits on cards

As I figured, conscripts will also receive funds on the cards. Newcomers give them along with military uniforms on a compilation fr?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Issuance of currency contentment undergoing military conscription, is also non-cash basis method of transferring money to their bank card.

Credit cards are issued to them on the recruiting Fri before sending the troops. Individual card, and select it from a fighter no one has the right.

A shoot with the card means soldier may be at an ATM on the ground of a military unit or as being in dismissal.

In our opinion, the military must be able to pay their own card and for purchases in Voentorg. We are already working on it.

Soldier's credit card designed for a year of service, or they can be used and after his discharge from the army?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The term of the act is pretty big. Taking into account that the fighters are on full municipal security, then resign from the armed forces can and some of my flocks. For now, conscripts are paid two thousand rubles a month. And those who serve in the North Caucasus and outside of, — even more. The official salary from them, like a contract soldiers, plus additional payments.

Army has already moved to the "clearing". Following go civilian staff. As with military retirees?

Tatyana Shevtsova: This opportunity we are also considering. But there must be a recognition that in the form of an order that can not be done. Older people — not the military, who signed a contract with the unit commander. And no civilian workers who apply to his employment contract. There may be all on their own initiative.

Although many elderly civilians standing in line at banks have long preferred the ATM. Well, in the middle of our departmental older people, for sure, 70 percent have received their funds on the cards. But the people have exchanged the second decade, this goes without hunting. Especially if they spend a lot of time outside the city and in the countryside, where to get a bank card is problematic.

Seconded need not worry

Question from our reader Semushkina VD: "Why on credit cards account for foreign exchange allowance, but not a payment for travel expenses?".

Tatyana Shevtsova: The existing procedure anticipates that by November all military units prepare travel plans for the next year and submit them to the General Staff. There are studyi
ng these proposals, and after some study says. Plan of Staff — is the management to action for the financiers, how much money to bring the troops to the travel expenses.

But often travel in the army there are urgent and unscheduled. Neuzh an officer must go somewhere or go at their own expense, and then wait until they return to him?

Tatyana Shevtsova: At the current time payment of travel expenses is done through the territorial financial authorities.

And for quite so quickly leave, we assume the issuance of so-called corporate cards. The order of their introduction and use at the moment we are working on.

Corporate Card will remain the property of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and to military with the sole purpose so that it can help pay for their travel expenses. The bill on the map will be limited, but with the ability to replenish it. Balance can find out by sms-messages. When people come back from a business trip, then he will have to report on the spent amount. That's such a scheme.

With the release of the soldier, this scheme is not applicable?

Tatyana Shevtsova: No, of course. Currently no such thing as selling agents in the army no longer exists. As long as a person is resting, currency allowance he credit the ordinary procedure for the payment of a fixed term. Do you want to go on vacation at an expensive package tour — well in advance and accumulate funds on it, and on the road. The new currency for the troops, in general, allows it.

Yes, and we have approached this issue differentiated. For example, for officers and contract soldiers serving in the Late North, kept free transportation to the place of rest together with one member of the family. It is a kind of compensation for their languid service and living conditions. Do you want to get such a privilege — the translation to the North, there is a personnel rotation constantly.

By the way, the military seniors and their family members as in the past are able to relax at discounted vouchers to sanatoriums and health complex defense ministry.

You read: military now well prepared can go on vacation and at their own expense. But some officers complain that before, when they paid a premium for kazhdomesyachnuyu 400-th order, which had a huge amount.

Tatyana Shevtsova: By order of the Secretary of Defense N 400 kazhdomesyachnye payments received during the year in the general difficulty of 55 thousand officers. These were selected categories of military airborne, SRF, and other branches. In other words, by means of encouraging honest service best officers that quite legitimate for a premium of practice.

An increase in the foreign exchange allowance from January 1 of the year today has touched each and every military personnel. If you take the sums were handed out, then again, they grew at a fair performance of official commitments of 300-350 per cent from the previous exchange of content.

Allowance raised, benefits canceled. Then that is what happened?

Tatyana Shevtsova: We do special calculations after the abolition of certain benefits and allowances dive into the new currency composition. "That is the fact," as you put it, does not go out. People in any case have to get even more. Especially when you consider that the same benefits they used only occasionally, and some by an impartial reasons did not use them at all.

For example, before the last year in the army was the compensation price of vouchers for school-age kids. Its size resulted in 10 800 rubles for the 1st child per year. It is clear that childless military families, these payments are not received. And other officers and non-commissioned officers were deprived of compensation as their sons or daughters out of childhood.

We analyzed the undoable with January 1, 2012 Compensation and social benefits in connection with the reform of the currency allowances to servicemen and concluded that the price of compensation and social guarantees amounted to 7.1 thousand rubles per month. And the growth of monetary allowances for servicemen from January 1, 2012 amounted to 2.5-3 times.

So, the soldiers at the platoon commander, company commander, battalion commander and brigade commander of income per month in comparison to the year 2011 increased by 25.7 thousand rubles, 38.8 thousand rubles, 45.8 and 55.6 thousand rubles thousand rubles, respectively.

So Makarov, about any decrease in the level of social status of servicemen from January 1, 2012 and can be no question. The difference is completely yavna.

By the way

Brand new financial system operates exclusively in the army, and as long as it does not run across other departments and agencies of the Russian Federation.

But as told Tatyana Shevtsova, as she understood recommend it to many. There is a possibility that recently it will pass, and other agencies. In almost all countries of the world, such systems have long been used and well-proven.

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