For that exiled Russian military universities?

For that "exiled" Russian military schools?Subject of higher military education is now very, very sharp. Heated enthusiasm and constant reports from the educational "fronts", which is their "fights" the Ministry of Defense, headed by Anatoly Serdyukov. And this enthusiasm even more heated because of what military University suddenly decided to close or move, and from the fact that while in very rare cases, the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defence to allow himself commented these or other perturbations. But the Russian people have had that experience of citizenship footing and is now completely longs to be delivered before the fact. The authorities have hinted that his steps necessary from time to time and explain it.

One example of a resounding scandal is the decision to postpone the Military Medical Academy of the central part of St. Petersburg in the station area Gorska, in the resort area (more than 25 kilometers away from the present location). For obvious reasons, the staff and students of the Kirov Military Medical Academy took that information almost with hostility. And these people can understand. No one is no desire to suddenly break away from the usual place and go, what is called, in the open field to continue their own learning activities. People are angry and have through their representatives in St Petersburg Legislative Assembly appealed to the governor Poltavchenko asking the Defense Ministry to influence the decision to postpone the building of the Academy is almost out of town.

In this regard, it is necessary to clarify the reasons that are members of the education department of the Ministry of Defense. According to estimates of these same representatives of the Military Medical Academy in need of reform, as well as other military universities. The point is that instead of several buildings of the Academy, which are posted on the Forest and Suburban ave., Botkin and Medical streets, planned to build a single complex, which will equip the latest medical technology. According to the views of the officials of the educational department of the Defense Ministry, will allow it to provide more high-quality educational services, will allow to carry out a re-evaluation of teaching staff and to organize on the basis of the Academy campus with all infrastructure.
Ideas on first glance, of course, good, only here's critics, for some reason in these thoughts, is more than followers. Many attempts have noticed in the Ministry of Defense just wish artfully dispose of the land on which the buildings stand now and the Military Medical Academy. The transfer is closer to the Academy SESTRORETSKY on the views of the enemy transport — ordinary desire to solve economic problems, as for the construction of the new complex and its equipment will be useful 10s billion rubles, which is a military department may order at its discretion.

Reasons for the fact that An old building of the Academy not sovladevaet with new loads, obviously not impress opponents of the theory of "moving." They are the words that one new building is better than 10 of old times, the answer is that, why St. Petersburg authorities have not moved out of the city, such as the Hermitage or the residence …

Of course, at least some movement, and even more moving, provided such overtones — not an easy thing and diverse. Because in this situation you should try to approach the dilemma from different perspectives. In-1's, St. Petersburg Academy Kirov — is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities not just North of the capital, and the whole of, and, in-2, is not that quite a few military schools after the last reduction in their number left in our country in general. If you now remove the Academy from the center of town, it obviously will lose the ability to participate in a particular cluster's own healing activity. It is worth recalling that at the moment many of the affected people to seek help specifically in the WMA, because there are not only taught how to cure, and specifically put on people's feet. And, of course, in the St. Petersburg Academy in even more chances to cooperate with the educational activities of healing, but the rub is that the BMA going completely deprived of the right role in the MLA. In other words, the specific activity of healing will be recognized as illegal, well, or even simpler — no funding from the medical fund in the case of the Academy only as an educational institution is not expected.

Of course, from that point of view, the state will be much more profitable contain Academy. In fact, in the 1-x, no dopfinansirovanie produce will not need in-2, will not have to take responsibility for the bad surgery and medical practices. In other words Academy may be left without the volume of practice, which she has now. But because of this and beating anxiety Teachers University. In their opinion, such a situation could lead to the fact that the Kirov Military Medical Academy will teach students of their own, as they say, "in the cat."

The challenge now is to seek the views and calling for this kind of move. And such people are those who believe that the employees of the Academy move necessary punish …

News portals of St. Petersburg virtually inundated with information about the level of corruption in the Military Medical Academy is now just rolls over. In the last ten days of May the students of the Academy issued a proclamation to the governor ZHore Poltavchenko requested to pay attention to, quote, 'corrupt antics of teachers' university. Students, who published his letter on the Web, argue that one of the most corrupt departments of the Academy is the faculty of physical training. According to them, the chief of the department, Colonel Medvedev, which works in the Academy for a year, made the whole scheme, which allows you to not be among the dropouts. Under this scheme, the examinations for physical training are evaluated, followed by: trio — 30 thousand rubles, the four — and five of 40 thousand — 80 thousand rubles! Failure to comply with the criterion of the scheme, as reported to the students of St. Petersburg's own writing, threatens mandatory expulsion. The words "help me, for Christ's sake," addressed ZHore Poltavchenko, very soft-spoken indicate that the Military Medical Academy. Kirov is not as smooth as they say the teachers themselves.

With the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg and other related scandal. The last chief of the Academy of General Belevitin and his deputy, Colonel Nikitin at the preparatory investigation were convicted of harming state treasury in the amount of 51 million rubles for buying medical equipment. This matter is now engaged in Capital District Military Tribunal.
First, in May of the Military Medical Academy has again got into strips Petersburg editions due to the fact that when receiving a bribe of 35 thousand rubles detained doctor Methodist this school. The man, whose name was not called, for the designated amount for the services offered to the typical student, undergraduate, and specifically, to solve the problem of it with the delivery of set-off by one of the medical disciplines.
In this connection becomes fascinating question is whether all of the corruption scandals prerequisite order to conduct a "mopping-up" at the Academy, or it's just coincidence sudden. But too many coincidences in this story. But if the Ministry of Defence has decided to make a "purge" in connection with the facts of corruption in the Milit
ary Medical Academy, then why all this husk as "unsuitable building"Need" operating room "and stuff like that. Neuzh then mostly military department seriously believe that the transfer of the structure somehow solve the problem of bribery.

It remains only to wait for appointments. If all the persons who have been convicted of corruption stories in the WMA will be in the new buildings Resort District as a teacher, then we can say with confidence: the premise "crossing" was everything else, but not the letter of request cadets and detention the act of military medical corrupt.

Let us not forget that in the near future "move" forced not only military doctors from the center of St. Petersburg closer "to nature." In 2011, the educational decided to move the process from the Air Force Academy named after Gagarin and Zhukovsky (Moscow and Moscow region) to Voronezh. Such a "move" is not enough to impress anyone. Because then, too, none of the high officials of the Ministry of Defence and not really talked to him, which found that of course stallion. That is why to this version in the air that the main thing holding the country's defense ministry reshuffle in order to profit from the sale of land under the higher military educational institutions. Whether this is true or not — hard to say. But the very fact while the Ministry of Defense does not give an explanation for the described case, then such explanations do not give anybody. And in this case it does not matter which version has a right to exist …

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