For three years in a battle with the Black Sea Fleet will include 6 Varshavyanka

For three years in a battle with the Black Sea Fleet will include six "Varshavyanka"Black Sea fleet Russia in 2017 will receive six submarines "Varshavyanka" (Project 636). This was stated by Rear Admiral A. Fedotenkov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet, reports RIA announcements. "The first three buildings will be received in 2014, one boat — in 2015 and two more — in 2016 it is permissible to form a submarine brigade vsepolnotsennuyu BSF, "- told Fedotenkov. At the same time, he noted that all of the ships have already been laid on by the St. Petersburg" Admiralty Shipyards ".

As part of the Black Sea Fleet in the current time is two submarines: B-380 "The Holy Prince Jora" (project 641B), and B-871 "Alrosa" (Project 877V). B-380 is currently on the modernization and repair. "Based on the experience of life of submariners Black Sea Fleet will be formed brigade of submarines of Project 636," — said the commander. Fedotenkov added that with the arrival of the first submarines fleet go frigates of Project 11356 (1135.6).

New submarines will be based at Sevastopol and Novorossiysk. In Novorossiysk will be highlighted by basing quay front. The Rear Admiral said that after the submarine fleet will come to Ukraine to sign the add. to the Agreement on the placing on the Ukrainian countryside Russian Navy.

According to Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, Commander of the Russian Navy, 2020 to combat the Black Sea Fleet will arrive 15 new submarines and surface ships. Namely, in 2013 in structure BSF will come on frigates of Project 11356. Their number in 2015 is expected to reach 5. As previously reported, in 2030 the number of modern ships in the Black Sea Fleet will bring up to 35-40 units.

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