Forest fire rages in 1 km from the recreation center in Chelyabinsk region

A forest fire broke out on Friday near the recreation center "Builder" in Verkhneuralsk district of Chelyabinsk region, according to the main emergency department in the region.

According to authorities, a signal fire on the forest area of 2.1 hectares enrolled at 10.00 (8.00 MSK), the fire went up to a distance of one kilometer to the base.

"The place of fire and construction of recreation on the river separates the pond Suyazka width of 50 meters. Threats to rest on the basis of people do not. Administration of Magnitogorsk, in order to eliminate the risk for vacationers prepared buses needed in the event of a decision to suspend the recreation center," — said in the message.

Fire put out 43 people and 14 vehicles.

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