Forgotten covenant of General MacArthur

Forgotten covenant of General MacArthur

Barbarians came from Europe, and the "Russian civilization rescued" — such assessment came 65 years ago in a white house USA

In the history of the second world war is almost forgotten now, but a very memorable episode. In March 1945, the South American Snow White House held a show of Russian film "Rainbow" to control the United States. The plot of the film had a real base. Layout of its heroine was a resident of suburban Uvarovka Alexander Dreyman.

Alexandra feat Dreyman

Before the war, this young lady has worked in the executive committee Uvarov head of the department of road construction. Skilful handling Tolomei and other explosive substances. Because despite her late pregnancy took a partisan unit — teach folk msitetley demolition case.

— On the eve of the New 1942 — told the correspondent of "joint venture" historian Uvarovsky school museum Nadezhda Lebedeva — Alexander returned to Dreyman Uvarovka to give birth to a child. Home she found a spouse who was not a local. From the first days of the war, he had disappeared, and when the Nazis seized Uvarovka, appeared in the village. Having met his wife, the man by the name of Ermolenko as vpominat later neighbors left the house, and soon there appeared suddenly Nazis. They took Alexander to the commandant. There committed the questioning of the beating. With all of this was and Ermolenko, which read fascists, the wife came from the guerrilla group. The Nazis sought, that Alexander showed where the squad. She said nothing. Battered partisan thrown into the basement commandant. At night she gave birth to a boy. Day of the Nazis directed at the baby bayonet and issued an ultimatum: either the information about the guerrillas, or the child will be stabbed. My mother said nothing. Toddler nailed to the floor with a bayonet, and Alexander brought to his career and shot.

This terrible story told in 1942, the newspaper "Pravda". Then Wanda Vasilevska took it as a base of the story "Rainbow". And in 1944, directed by Mark Donskoy put the eponymous feature film. Especially for its troops to the viewing session time set aside during the second echelon. He demonstrated and overseas, in the United States, where he received the highest award "Oscar". In a white house watched it, President Roosevelt and his entourage. General MacArthur said after watching the "Russian civilization helped Europe should be grateful to them for all time."

From what we have rescued them?

Hitler made no secret of their goals in the war. All that the Nazis planned, spelled out in "Mein Kampf", the respective orders, transcripts of meetings with Hitler. For the captured states practiced such "differential" approach: in Western Europe the main principle of conquest — "Germanization" for Eastern Europe, the oil-bearing regions of Southeast Asia — the "colonization" of the RF Central, Volga, the Caucasus and Transcaucasia "depopulation."

About how to implement the "Germanization" of Western European countries said at the Nuremberg trials representative of the prosecuting sovereign Faure of France: "The Germans sought to eliminate any elements of the French spirit. First, they forbade the maximum rudely use the French language … Even the inscriptions on the gravestones had to be drawn up only in the German language … After interdict French National Socialists took up music. The decree of March 1, 1941 said: "Musical works that are in contradiction with the cultural aspirations of the national — socialist included in the list of unnecessary and harmful."

In the occupied countries, the Germans perceived the measures in order to deprive everyone of his mental resources available to him to remove outlook and to impose the concept of Nazism … We must not forget that, if the Germans had won the war, then all this would amount to further our core, and soon the only spiritual food. "

Chief U.S. prosecutor Robert Jackson made such an addition to the description of the "new order of the euro", "The people occupied territories fiercely pushed around. Terror has been put in order of day or. Civilians arrested person without providing any allegations, they are not given the right to have a lawyer, they were executed without trial. "

Somewhat stiffer conducted the "colonization". It is worth quoting at least annotation Minister eastern occupied territories Rosenberg Reich Commissioner in the Baltic states: "The purpose of the imperial commissioner in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus should be the creation of the German protectorate in order then to reincarnate these areas are an integral part of the majestic German empire by colonizing representatives German race and the destruction of unnecessary elements ". As we see, there are no countries — only "part of the empire."

I can not recall the investigation materials internationality of the military court that took place as the "colonization": "During the years of the German occupation, the invaders on the territory of Latvia killed 250 thousand peaceful inhabitants, 327 thousand prisoners of war. In October 1941, it cooperated in Riga ghetto where the Nazis herded 35 thousand Jews. In November 1941, the Germans seized in the ghetto 4500 300 able-bodied men and women, and the other on 30 November and 8 December 1941 were shot. "

A similar practiced throughout the Baltic region, as in other European countries. It is fair to say that the "true Balts" Nazis did some relief. Here, for example, as formulated guidelines Rosenberg Reich Commissioner in the Baltic states: "In connection with the conclusions made chief commissioner for employment of labor Gauleiter Sauckel after visiting Riga, 21 April 1943, he gave the order to take out of the Baltic States in the area of the Reich 183 thousands of workers (health including persons who have attained the age of 10). For Latvia, men's labor force has to be applied as a volunteer, and for Estonia — Legionnaires'.

But is unlikely to be deluded with respect to the exemptions. The fact that such "volunteers" at the Nuremberg trials told the chief U.S. prosecutor Jackson: "The agents were hunting for volunteers, solder them and then took them to Germany deception. These prisoners were transported in trains that were not heated. They do not get any food and were deprived of simple sanitary criteria. The corpses of the victims were thrown from cars in parking lots, and the newborn thrown from the windows of the moving train. " Legionnaires common man too is unlikely to be envied: their fate — to "work" in the Reich as punitive and officers for slaves. About the real against the leaders of the Reich to the colonies Himmler at a meeting in October 1943, put it: "The question of whether this flourishing civilization or perish of hunger interests me only in so far as the members of this civilization are necessary to us as slaves for the rest of their fate is of no interest. "

The top of the "civilizing thought" German ideology was the idea of "depopulation".

Himmler was so instructed his troops and political police: "In our tasks does not go Germanization of the East, is to teach people the German language and German law, we want to achieve only that lived in the East only people nezapyatannoy German blood."
Means for solving puzzles that was invented in the West, the development of "depopulation".

Back in 1940 been told about her words in the book Hitler Rauschning, located in New York: "We have to develop the technique of depopulation, by which I mean the elimination of entire racial units." The first on the list to eliminate Hitler put the Jews, Russian, Gypsy. And this development has acted with unusual scale up to such time as the reddish Army, together with allied troops did not break the back of fascism. During the war, were shot, hanged, strangled in the "gas chambers" were tortured in concentration camps 16,900,000 innocent people of the USSR, driven into slavery about 10 million people, among which the kids of 10 years.

Legalized slavery — one of the main features of the "new order of the euro." According to recent data, were taken to Germany more than 20 million people from 30 countries. Of them survived only 8 million.

Feel the difference

Of course, there were times when Russian troops and showed ruthlessness in relation to the German population. But more yavna difference: the Nazis came to rob us, we had to go to Europe to kill the aggressor. At the same time we came there after the wildest witnessed Nazi atrocities in our country and in the countries of Eastern Europe.

Not so long ago in the archives I came across a German officer report higher command sverhtsinichnym with the title "On the experience of defeat populated Fri Borky for the period from 22 to 26 September 1942." I will give it as a clear indication of the kind of "civilization" had killed Russian army.

"September 21, 1942 squadron was tasked to kill Borka village, located 7 km to the east of Mokrany. The operation took place smoothly. I managed to capture and deliver to your collection of all the inhabitants of the village, without exception. Suitably turned out that the purpose for which round up population, until recently was unknown to him. On-site collection generally calm, the number of posts has been reduced to a minimum, and unleash forces were applied in the course of the upcoming surgery. The team won the gravediggers shovel only on the place of execution, in this population remained in ignorance of the future. Inconspicuously mounted light machine guns suppressed from the beginning it was a recovered panic when were heard the first shots from the place of execution, located 700 meters from the village. Two guys tried to run, but after a couple of short steps fell, struck by machine gun fire. Russ-

rre started at 9:00. 00 minutes. and was completed in 18 hours. 00 minutes. Of the 809 104 people rounded up (politically trustworthy family) were released in the middle of them were workers of the estate Mokrany. The shooting took place without any complications prior arrangements have been very appropriate.

Confiscation of grain and instruments took place, except for the time-shift, systematically. Number supply was sufficient, because the amount of grain was not great and the items ssypki neobmolochennogo grains are placed not very far away. Utensils and agricultural tools have been taken away carts with bread.

Here is the numerical result of the operation.

Executed 705 people, among them men — 203, women — 372 children — 130.

The number of harvested animals can be determined only approximately, because the collection is not performed Fri account:

horses — 45 of cattle — 250 calves — 65 pigs

and pigs — and 450 sheep — 300.

From toolkit collected: 70 carts, plows and harrows 200, 5 winnowing-machines, chaff-25 and the rest of the small inventory.

When conducting operations in Borkah spent: rifle ammunition — 786 rounds of ammunition for the machine — 2496 pieces.

Losses in the company was not. One vahtmistr with suspected jaundice sent to the hospital in Brest.

Deputy. company commander Lieutenant Mueller. "

Eastern "barbarians" have behaved differently

With the entry of the Red Army in the area of the aggressor rates were taken extraordinary measures to prevent outrages against the civilian German population. Along with outreach efforts to make tough punitive measures. As the findings of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, in the first months of 1945 for the outrages committed against the local population have been convicted by military courts 4148 officers and a large number of soldiers. Several show trials of military personnel resulted in the death penalty.

Otymali Nazis in occupied population recently, and our army, freeing Germany, immediately organized numerous items of free food for the local population. With all this the Germans often fed better than Russian people get better on the war-torn areas.

Why did the leaders of some European countries behave, to put it mildly, nepriznatelno towards their liberators? Misled? Ill-informed? Hardly.

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