Forgotten theorem cadres decide everything?

Forgot axiom "cadres decide everything"?

Metropolitan municipal Technology Bauman — one of the oldest institutions of higher education of — does not need special performances. Perhaps it is not necessary to justify how important contribution brought graduates of the University in strengthening the defense of the Motherland, to the establishment and development of its defense. But this time we will talk not about the achievements Bauman in past and present (and, believe me, I have now, with considerable).

take priority defense industry in the economy of Russian Federation is determined not so much by the magnitude of the military production as the role that the defense has to play in modern conditions, and especially in the reform of the Armed Forces, structural adjustment, technical and technological modernization of the economy, national security our country.

The most urgent tasks

Solving the re-equipment of the army and fleet with new and upgraded standards of high technology products competitive sverhtehnologichny production can only be provided that DIC highly qualified scientific personnel, spices with higher and secondary education professor, working, able to design and develop products based on the latest technology, corresponding to the world level .

Meanwhile, the analysis of the training of engineers for "defense" indicates that the activities and conditions of the universities, which are designed to ensure that these frames are not fully compatible with modern requirements.

Training is conducted on the basis of obsolete equipment is not carried out the transfer of new models, scientific and technical documentation for the specific department for use in teaching and research work. Insufficient volume of orders for research and development, funding, which violates the basic principle of technical education — "learning on the basis of science" as a significant part of teachers and students can not participate in research.

Is not provided currently carrying out all practices on the basis enterprises. The average age of the teaching staff, there is no replenishment of young cadres. Not resolved at the one hundred percent legal and financial difficulties of the operation of such departments of universities, faculties as industry, basic departments, branches of departments, university and business relations in the organization of training motivated professionals. Not removed from the agenda of day or Social fixing of young professionals in the defense industry sectors (low wages, insufficient housing, there is no criterion for career growth, etc.).

"It is necessary to go on a contract basis for the preparation of professionals in the scheme university — The student — the enterprise "

It must be emphasized separately that the preservation and development of human resources defense companies at the present stage can only be a tight fit with the assistance of the education system and governance structures in enterprises.

Must carefully examine the time-tested forms of cooperation of higher education with industry in joint training, retraining and advanced training of professionals, who together with the new organizational forms of economic integration, formed in recent years, are able to provide solutions to common tasks of higher education, the establishment of an impartial basis for future development creative potential of the universities at the present stage.

How to professionals and the public

It is especially necessary to highlight the need to improve municipal planning of training, retraining and increasing the skills of managers, scientists, engineers, technicians and skilled workers for the military-industrial complex, the decision of municipal plans and forecasts demand equilibrium in the spices, including the development and approval of the municipal educational standards by Prof. Home front, trades and professions for the defense industry sectors, creating a multi-level system of continuous training for the defense industry.

As an example of how institutions are closely professor of education with the industry is the work on the implementation of an inclusive project "Organization of scientific and methodological support for the training of industrial companies, organizations and academic institutions, implement the technology direction of the federal motivated applets" National Technological Base "under the program events section 18 "Technology training for the state of technological base" of the federal motivated applets "National Technological Base" for 2002-2006. " In this project effectively cooperated top 50 industrial companies, organizations, academic institutions and the defense profile of higher education.

The main result was the testing of the developed scientific foundations of the system of state government staffing technological base, as the principles of formation and realization of the municipal plan for the preparation of engineering and scientific training for the defense sectors of industry. Resolution of the Government of Russian Federation on December 30, 2006 № 854 "On the municipal plan of training of scientists, professionals and business training for the military-industrial complex for 2007-2010" was essentially rebuilt defensive order.

In the area of personnel policy should move to a contract basis for the preparation of professionals in the scheme university — student — enterprise, provided in the contract questions more support to students when teaching defense fields.

Universities, training staff for the sphere of high technology, it is very important to know outlook of employers, companies and first defense, of the required specialties and training structure. In other words, the personnel order the ETH must contain valid data on the number of graduates each level Specialties.

These questions are tightly woven and the other. We are talking about the development of municipal Professor of standards (the other — qualifying features). They must contain the requirements to the list of knowledge and skills that graduates should possess and which will target higher education. It is necessary that employers (businesses and research organizations, ministries and agencies) to accelerate work on Prof. standards, because it helps you navigate through the above levels of education, which require the enterprise, and adjust if necessary municipal educational standards.

Difficult task of training personnel for the defense industry requires a comprehensive discussion on the various conferences, seminars, study methodology, conducting the tests. Yes, and at the moment has a long experience in organizing and scientific and methodological support of the integrated training of motivated professionals, operations training, research and production centers, complexes and other forms of cooperation with the higher education industry.

In our opinion, any scientific or industrial federal motivated example program must be in its own section of the professional staff, including arrangements for scientific and methodological support for the training of industrial companies and research institutions.

At the current time, universities, training leading to DIC, have a problem with a set of young people to the previously prestigious defense specialty, and a significant portion of students do not link their work with the profession, acquire
d in educational institutions. Necessary measures to change this situation.

In Bauman implemented a unique way to support research and development work with young people and students, the conditions for this development and education of creative personality traits, the gradual formation of Prof. skills, lifelong learning. For many years, successfully implemented the most ambitious in Russia scientific and social programm "Step into the Future", the purpose of which — the creation of criteria for high school students-secondary education, preparation for entry to college and adapting to the next training, selection and verbovanie professional, more prepared and proforientirovannoy youth. Were doing a tremendous job specific department.

We live the same supplies

The defense industry with its branches sverhtehnologichny performing more than 75 percent of the research, development work, can be a starting point for the deployment of Innovative activities in Russia, support for the economic recovery of the country.

Certainly, successful Innovative activity is not possible without an effective system of state support. It should be based on the values of the general economic policies of modern legislative framework regulating Innovative activities, incentive system innovator of business means tax, financial and credit policies, infrastructure.

Institutions of higher education with academic institutions and industrial companies need to develop research infrastructure, creating Innovative small businesses, centers of collective use, the base of knowledge and educational resources.

At present, funding for the engineering sphere — exploratory research is not enough, which is detrimental to the formation of the scientific groundwork for the development of promising products, processes and technology innovator character. Creating a highly competitive on the world market sverhtehnologichny product is a series of complex, multiply processes, starting essentially from basic research and ending with the release of products.

In the near future we got carried away — and the premise of this are clear — the final step of the process, namely the issue of OCD with immediate results. And it succeeds at the expense of enormous theoretical groundwork acquired earlier. But there is concern that the ability profound theoretical study in the development of fundamentally new products at this time, usually, and we do not live in the same supplies.

Necessary to maintain the desired ratio in the allocation of funds to support the creation of the steps sverhtehnologichny products for efficient chaining: basic research, exploratory research, applied research, R & D and further stages of commercialization.

The main issue is the innovator of inquiry Innovative products markets. Now potential customers innovations that investors are not much interested in science, technology and Innovative activities. Cash flows seek out and find their way to the less risky, more profitable business lines. In such a context, research and development are needed and the economy of the Russian economy is losing competitiveness. Many companies that make up its base, have worn out equipment, use outdated technology, without the influx of innovations and scientific support their growing technological gap between zabugornyh rivals. How bad factor observed decrease of enthusiasm municipal customers to Russian Innovative products, including in the field of armaments and defense technology, as lacking control over the import into the country zabugornyh outdated technologies and equipment. The displacement of the promising Russian developments may lead to the loss of our competitive position in the industry.

A very important factor

New puzzles require scientific-pedagogical personnel of the last generation, placing huge demands on the teacher's personality, his competence, professional and pedagogical culture of scientific knowledge. There are two main difficulties of teachers and researchers: age (the average age of teachers in universities often exceeds 50 years) and prof. The universities are placed perfectly new tasks in scientific work on the real inclusion of the majority of teachers in research and Innovative activity, and perhaps advisable to consider it at this step a priority in relation to teaching. Development of new courses and disciplines, methodologies and technology training requests new motivations, knowledge, skills and abilities, essentially refers to the restructuring of research and teaching faculty housing.

For high school prof's time for change. Need to focus the efforts of the country, business and society in the development of effective and high quality prestigious engineering education. Requires including financial, moral, and legal assistance for the education of future generations of engineers emerging innovator of the Russian economy.

Anatoly Aleksandrov,
rector of the Metropolitan Municipal Technical Institute named after NE Bauman, Ph.D., Dr.

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