Fraud mentioned by Lt. Col. Kozlov, did not find

Minsk police completed the examination or the falsification of elections to the House of Representatives in 2008 for the District, where he ran the UCP leader Anatoly Lebedko. Witness in this case by a former police officer Nikolai Kozlov, testified that on the night after the early voting station commission members involved the substitution of ballots.

Major police Maxim Zinchenko said, "Freedom", the statement that the test Anatoly Lebedko of fraud during the 2008 election is over, but its results did not say anything.

"Checking so finished. Informed about the result to the applicant. You may ask yourself, Anatoly Lebedko. "

Lebedko said that the results of the check in his hands still have not got, but he has no doubt that "fraud will not find." An hour later, the politician said, houses the mail brought a letter from the chief of the city police Farmageya. The result coincides with the forecast.

Liabedzka"" The evidence confirming your information, not found. "Point. Now think about what we will do. Might hold a press conference outside the police department."

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko in 2008 ran for the National Assembly for the 105th District and Starovilensky on the official result lost the election. Nikolai Kozlov, then a police major from the Central rayadelu during the early election was guarding the ballot box at the 463rd precinct and saw with my own eyes, as members of the election commission tossed ballots into the ballot box. On the next day Nikolai Kozlov wrote a report about what they saw, but the test report did not wait. Meanwhile began to put pressure on the police officer, found him secret surveillance, and as a result of work he was forced to leave the service.

In October, Nikolai Kozlov confirmed to reporters that he had seen during the early voting is fake. Anatoly Lebedko on this fact written statement to the prosecutor's office, which was sent for testing to the Minsk city police. Nikolai Kozlov particularly outraged that verify the statement of the victim Liabedzka Zinchenko commissioned police officer that is subordinate Maxim Grishchenko. It Grishchenko Kozlov reports on fraud in 2008.

I believe this check mockery. Assumed it would be a little more serious.

"Zinchenko carried out the inspection, but it is subordinate to Grishchenko, who was then deputy head of the Central police station. This Grishchenko told me to give the keys and actually ordered that I did not do anything about what he saw tampering. Therefore, I believe this test mockery. Assumed it would be a little more serious. "

Last week, Nikolai Kozlov, the audit said the policeman Maxim Zinchenko that seen at the polling station election commission members were thrown into the ballot box ballot. The reasons on which these statements were not taken into account, Nikolai Kozlov does not know. According to Nikolai Kozlov perpetrators whose names are known, it was necessary to prosecute. A former police officer says that those same people are now working again in the election commission, and does not exclude that they may again make falsification.


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