Frequent change of laptop affects the environment — scientists

The damage caused to the environment in the manufacture of a laptop, much higher than the benefits of energy-efficient technologies in new models, the study of German scientists from the Institute for Applied Ecology and the Institute for Reliability and micro integration behalf of Fraunhofer.

"At the stage of the notebook manufacturing to devote at least 56% more greenhouse gases than all the time of their operation. Thus, if the average" life expectancy "laptop computer for five years, when its production is allocated 214 pounds of greenhouse gases, and for all the operation of 138 pounds "- the authors of the study submitted by the Federal Ministry of Environment, Germany.

In addition, the laptop is used in the production of rare raw materials, such as cobalt, mining, processing and disposal of which is difficult and inefficient.

"Even in the technically advanced countries such as Germany, the use of this material are significant losses due to inefficient processing. This primarily refers to the gathering and processing of recyclable materials," — said the expert on clean IT-Technology and Telecommunications Institute of Applied Ecology Siddhartha Prakash (Siddharth Prakash).

Way out of this situation, the study's authors see it, is that, on the one hand, to extend the service life of notebooks due to the greater availability of spare parts, extend the minimum guarantee, easier to replace obsolete or broken parts. On the other hand, at the time of the design of the new model to consider effective processing and the use of recycled materials.

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