From the Latvian Reserve escaped bear

Bear Made Sunday evening willfully left Līgatne reserve in northern Latvia, reports the online edition Delfi.

Bear of Līgatne Reserve. Photo Delfi

As described in the Vidzeme regional police headquarters, a bear ran between 18:00 and 18:30 local time (19:00 — 19:30 GMT).

In connection with the incident of police blocked all access roads to the park and urged residents without needing to go out.

As recalled Delfi, in August 2011 Made already ran out of the reserve. Bear found in the evening the next day — she regales apples in another garden. Then the specialists had to draw out the fugitive other goodies as well as a hypnotic it was not working.

In Līgatne Reserve, said the online edition, there are two open-air cage, which bears live Mikus, Puyka and Made, and one for the bears Ilzite. Was recently announced fundraising aviary Ilzite — over time it became dilapidated and no longer provide security.

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