Gal, soon will be. Reheat dinner. AR Lukashenko

Society appearances of candidates on television has changed the political situation. At least in the vast my responsibility, about the country as a whole let sociologists say. Civil mlyavasts and indifference to political life, for which I often blame before, disappeared without a trace. Maybe it's just a seasonal phenomenon and in front of us, God forbid, even a blind waiting for a calm, even in the mass exodus of its own problems, but so far the blogosphere looks real center of social activity than it should be, in my opinion.

On the eve of the start speaking it seemed, judging from the sentiments of bloggers, that the distinguishing feature of the current political season will be confusion, discouragement and lack of lively political reactions to stimuli, in the best case — a total irony, skepticism is impregnated. If you're right apostles and preachers of the boycott, the task of independent candidates was to "tighten the electorate to fake elections," the task they are well managed. Taking this opportunity, I want to warn them about the responsibility for those they woke up from years of sleeping sickness and resurrected out of superstition, Remember, these people will not forgive you worthless defeat, the third in a row. "The main thing is that we have overcome fear. Now disagree. I'll meet you sometime later. Regime will collapse anyway in a few years "- this excuse no longer works. Better, of course, to win, but if I have to lose, do it at least worthy and beautiful. To us then not be ashamed of the fact that we were tempted to take your calls to participate. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to be waiting for a political death.

"1. I know that the chance of winning — a real win — there.
Second I know how to achieve it. "

These words, spoken by bloggers and creators of the president (in) Alexander Feduta, we, too, remember. As for the names of others who promises us a new Belarus tomorrow. In order of decreasing confidence in their own words, and caused them hope for a change of fate.


Oh, all sorts of things, and the confidence and belief Vladimir Prakapovich not hold. Moreover, his performance on television was the most anticipated. On the radio the next generation — a generation vizualav not very friendly, so the responses to the radio address perhaps the rating of the independent candidate for the presidency was the sea. Outside Blog Neklyaeva, where the candidate spoke compliments, silence reigned. One of the few replicas belonged blogertsy zmagarka: "Listen to radio address Neklyaeva — like go to the theater". Indeed, the performance was very similar in form some sort of a fairytale, ukalyhvayuchuyu radio show, despite the vigor and naporystasts voice and the constant refrain: "Vote for Neklyaeva». That one could return to the prosperous times of childhood and charm, the other to push through a mismatch between form and content, or simply put to sleep. Fifty-fifty. Either way, the blogosphere was dominated by negative reviews:

"Speech Neklyaeva on the radio I did not like. Philologist in the government, which will be the hostage of advisors ". (a_legista)

"Says aloud, solemnly and with feeling. At the end with the placement firm read a poem. And here I thought — somehow … vote for the poet. And not just me, I guess. Here I do not understand his team. Select one course of conduct, namely grafamanskuyu. And stick to it. Although it should be changed. It's time to show him as a candidate. And on the other side ". (zeeko)

But his speech on television was met unequivocally with a bang, as evidenced by the survey results:

1) The survey, organized by Community minsk_by on the initiative of the blogger hustaczka, for speaking Neklyaeva as the most liked voted 20.6% of the participants. The closest competitor — Yaroslav Romanchuk, with 14.7%. Total Votes 176 people;

2) The survey, organized by the Community by_politics on the initiative of the blogger marcinkiewicz, Nyaklyayeu also became a leader, gaining as much as 48.6% of the vote. The closest competitor — Statkevich, with 18.6%. Only 71 people voted.

Usually very far from politics blogger chechevic, who does not like either one of those statements that have been made previously wrote about the speech Neklyaeva: "You deal with the drive and delivered. The only candidate whose invitation to come to the area I accept. "

Even more enthusiastic participants expressed Forum

"Just a super performance, after I finally realized that the genie out of the bottle and the ouster of Lukashenko can not be avoided." (gryzly)

"Well done, well made! Bright, figuratively … I think Nekljaev and win the election. Anyway, is a no-brainer that their AHL adkiravav. Lot of things people did, but a fire, as they say, went out — was ashes. Need a fresh breeze! " (agazuz)

"It is already lost hope to wait a powerful opponent Lukashenko. 8 and 8 were just no way. And then Nekljaev put very strongly "
. (shaplykoan)

It puts on Vladimir Prokofyevich greatest responsibility. For these words, it seems no one is talking about.

Many liked announced in a speech Neklyaeva image, when Lukashenko greets New Year with your family, returning to Galina Rodionovna spawned from blogger ihrachyshka an idea for a comic political graffiti: "Gal, soon will be. Reheat dinner. AG Lukashenko. "

Many of the downsides of speech, in particular blogger lipski, said "Very angry facial expression (if you turn off the sound — it seems that someone very evil uncle conceals mat)".

As confirmed wintboltoff: "It is very sad face. Was his brother, turned on the television, his wife came out of the kitchen to the TV sound and almost with horror, seeing asked, "Who is this?" . "

Blogger zmagarka told about her mother's reaction: "My mom even said," but who says it like Stalin? '. Maybe it's a thrill, but it was not enough positive unequivocally ".


Before television made Nekljaev, politically concerned favorite bloggers was Statkevich. The survey, created by bloggers poczobut, which was attended by 53 people, he scored 54.9%. True, he had to compete only with Mikhalevich, Rymashevsky and mustache. But of all the candidates of all, he got the most positive and least negative reviews among bloggers.


"General tore Belarus. :) Well done! " (111290)

"Speech Statkievich inserted. NOT Pozniak, of course, a sample of 1990, but. Ahvitser goes for broke "
. (abrykos)

"The first — beautiful as the iconostasis. In fact remarkable was. I always thought that now he would appeal to the audience, as once Constantine to the readers of his "peasant truth": "Anti-Semitism". My dear wife has taken away a tear nat ". (viershnick)

"A military Statkievich Belarusian language is more natural, or not even wrong — just relaxed and natural — something in Rymasheuski with Mikhalevich". (homielanin)

Of course, Mr. Nicholas has appeared on "bezrybe", performances of the strongest competi
tors were ahead. And the generous compliments he received were not upfront potential new president. These compliments were expressed rather a person who has made a significant contribution to the "common cause". Lack of funding sources and a strong team, and as a result — a bright and efficient companies are not allowed to take it in a different quality. And he really could under these circumstances is to compete with Lukashenko.

I could not believe my ears when he heard from his father in law, he liked the iPad for! Once upon Alexander, Ukrainian, voted for the independence of their country, with the reform and change. Hoping that their result will be the real masters like Henry Ford (he always falls exactly it as an example), which began with the fact that his own hands built a car on his father's farm, after a step-by-step erected an "empire of Ford." However, seeing that the Ukrainian Fords are not, instead they are multiplying around grabbers and thieves who brazenly robbed the people's wealth in his former election he was disappointed. I hated politicians and policies that Ukraine's independence was a lot of sense from a very few. Was fascinated by Lukashenko, still living at home, in Zhitomir. Where not long ago there was no street lighting as well as a private company quietly shut off electricity in the city for debt. Industry stopped. Able-bodied citizens almost at full strength went to work. And those who remained engaged in trade. Or were forced to look in the trash. Do I need to explain the reasons for his sympathy for the Belarusian president? Likes stubborn and unyielding — in keeping with the character of my father in law, who, because of their persistence, the child survived famine and war, and recently beat cancer. Sympathy for Lukashenko little shaken after moving in Belarus, close to the children, but still not very much.

And Statkievich was almost impossible, that never managed to young home that hoarse arguing with him during the festive feast, trying in vain to convince turpitude "Lukashism" — well, not that he had reached "enlightenment", but thought and hesitated.

I did not ask him in detail, frightened away the first swallow a possible reassessment of the relationship to the actions of the Belarusian president. However, it is easy to guess. Statkevich — natural, no artificial, synthetic additives PR technologies that are more or less present in the other candidates. The older generation feels in them false. Military bearing, inner strength and courage. NOT monologue and dyyalyagichnaya form of address to the audience. It's about the important and complex things very simple language, without condescending deliberate dumbing it. He was the only one who found something to say about their own achievements — that "our guys for 17 years never die," and it did not look splurge. In general, the "concern for people" from his mouth sounded like to me, the most natural, almost shrill.

In short, Mr. Nicholas gave the impression of "father" who could really love people for the sake of the people, not for the sake of his own power. "Parents" without rudeness, melodies, affectation, petty tricks and dirty tricks.

To be continued

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