Game wardens and employees of the National Park in Primorye rescued golden eagle out of the loop

Game wardens and employees of the National Park "Call of the Tiger" in Primorye eagle rescued from death, listed in the Red Book, he accidentally fell into a loop and poaching injured paw, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the park's director, Yuri Bersenyev.

"Berkut was discovered during a raid on the territory of one of ohotobschestv Chuguev district. Chance he was in the loop, performed on a sable, and injured his leg. Huntsman, who found the bird, showed it to a vet and wanted to treat her at home, but refused to eat eagle in captivity" — said the official.

According to him, in connection with the gamekeeper turned to female employees National Park "Call of the Tiger", who decided to show eagle specialists from Vladivostok. For this bird was brought to the capital of Primorye, where she visited the ornithologists of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as ornithologists practitioners seaside safari park.

"After a week of treatment, it was decided to release the bird into the wild. For security eagle was done in the National Park" Call of the tiger. "Bird with a wingspan of 2.2 meters is not immediately able to get up in the branches of trees, but in the end did not let down his leg, and he returned to the wild healthy, "- said the source.

He stressed that if the eagle was not detected in time in the loop, or just released a sick leg, it inevitably would have died without being able to produce their own food.

"We express our gratitude to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of wild birds. Someone puts illegal hinges on animals, but the good news is that there are selfless people who care about them," — added Bersenyev.

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