Get a dog … Paradise?

Recently, in the West are increasingly arguing as to whether our pets — pets — meet us in the hereafter. Or eternal life is given to man?

Let's start with the fact that no one Scripture says nothing about paradise for cats or dogs. So, the Lord God ztogo not foreseen. So think skeptics. Optimists also argue that the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran wrote folk, not gods. The time then was severe, and all thoughts about how to survive himself.

According to another version, God made sure that during the Flood in Noah's ark saved "every creature on the pair," it means God has not forgotten about the animals. Therefore, we must treat them godly, read the burial after death, buried with dignity and remember.

Proponents of the third version of doubt, that all the animals go to heaven. Judge for yourself: if the dog has bitten someone is evil and she is a straight road to hell.

In the meantime, there are disputes, the church is increasingly invited to read the funeral for the deceased horse, Chizhik or dog, the Internet opens related sites in the cities of the chapel built for the animals, a special cemetery, organized society that promotes meeting with pets in paradise.

In Buddhist temple Cleveland now held Sunday services shall rest on the animal. Here, for example, Arlene Rosen: it brings back the unforgettable photo of his pooch Gold and puts it on the altar. So do the others. Then they all pray together … a dog's paradise in heaven.

The proof, though not certain, that after the death of pets do not disappear, can serve as the cases described below.

Undying loyalty.

Frank Talbert tired during the day and resting, watching from the window of the storm passing over the mountains. He hoped that such a night will sleep well. The fire, the monotonous sound of the rain outside the window, the peaceful solitude — can dream of tired people? Talbert spent the day prorezhivaya woodland on the site near Breckenridge, Colorado.

Frank has built a fire and went to bed. Suddenly, he was awakened by a strange sound. Talbert looked out the window. Lil heavy rain, lightning flashed closer, constantly rumbling thunder. But not thunder forced him to wake up. Somewhere in the distance a dog barked. Talbert sat and listened. Lai was repeated quite close, and then the door. Talbert quickly got out of bed. He thought that the dog wants to hide from the storm.

Opening the door, he saw through the rain a few paw prints. Talbert whistled, but no answer. He was about to close the door, when he saw a flash of lightning flashed not far silhouette dog. Frank once again called the animal, but instead come closer, the dog began to retreat slowly, sadly and appealingly howling Talbert decided that she calls him along, maybe the rain stayed near her pups. Obuvshis quickly and pulled a jacket with a hood, he left the house. Dog waiting for him. Highlighting her flashlight, Frank managed to see red setter with white neck and chest.

Talbert was the dog only a few feet, when suddenly everything lit up red and the loud explosion from behind knocked him out. The house was struck by lightning, the whole building instantly swept fire. Was nowhere to wait for help, and Talbert hopelessly watched the death house, realizing with horror that he himself was saved by a miracle. After all, if the dog does not lure Talbert out, he probably would have died in his bed, unable to escape from a burning bedroom.

When the sky cleared and the moon rose, Frank began looking red setter, but the dog was gone. Talbert said this morning about what happened to his neighbor, and he was confused. "A dog that you have described to me, call Sandy, — he said, shaking his head in disbelief. — But she died more than two months ago."

Maybe it was the other setter? Possible. But not near like a dog. Or is it one of the puppies Sandy? But it has never had puppies. And Talbert never know what really happened, but will always remember his savior. A neighbor gave him a photo, Sandy Frank is put in a frame and put on the table at home.

This True Stories in the book American scientist Bill D. Shula "Immortality of animals." The author is convinced that animals, just like humans, the soul is immortal.

And pets love and gratitude to the person may appear and after physical death. Here's another example from his book.

Stop it, boss!

Robin Deland convinced that his life was saved by a dog that once he saved himself. That unusual night he was driving on unpaved narrow and winding road near Gunnison. A steep descent. Suddenly there was some kind of dog is a short distance in front of the headlights of his car. Animal stops, and Deland had abruptly stopped. He sat there, frozen with fear, as the dog, well-lit lamps, it was dead six months ago, a friend — call Jeff Deland did not doubt it, for he knew every hairs on the body of the dog. Once he found the puppy, shot down a cart and die by the side of the highway. Robin took the dog to the veterinary hospitals and surgery after a serious out of it. They lived side by side for many years.

Robin was so shocked by the presence of Jeff, he did not even notice that out of the car. He went to the dog, put out his hand and called by name. Even being within reach, the dog suddenly ran away, and then walked slowly down the road. Robin suddenly stopped, paralyzed with terror. A few meters away icy slope broke off a precipice. If his car drove to the place, he certainly would have died.

He started looking for Jeff, but the dog disappeared as mysteriously as they came back to life and Deland. A ghost? Hallucination?

How is it that the non-existent Sandy and Jeff saved people's lives? According to Professor B. Shula, in his practice, he met with such cases, when a person spontaneously performed in the other astral dimension, inhabited by those who died here. So "multifaceted" resident had a close friend of the scientist. Replying to a question whether the animals survive after physical death, "traveler" the astral plane said he often saw there and the dogs, and cats. "But you are sure that the animals that met there to have ever lived here?" — Questioned Professor Shul. "Of course, all I do not know — he said. — But never forget the time I met Flip, my old Airedale Terrier, who died a few months earlier. He was happy to see me, wagged his tail and jumped for joy. I caressed his and talked to him. And I do not doubt the reality of what I have lived. "

Maybe our four-legged pets really a moment back to us once again to prove his love and loyalty?

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