Ghost child appears in the playground

May 24, 2012 23:10

Casper — one of the most famous children's ghosts. However, he painted and very funny. And the real souls of children can not find rest after death. They often return to the place where he once lived, played or studied.

Evidence of this captured in the video. For example, children's playground, which does not seem suited for merrymaking. Of all the equipment is only one unpretentious swing that remained since time immemorial. They have long come under close monitoring of local residents. Residents have noticed that some of the swing begins to swing itself, as if someone is sitting on it, but in reality, they empty.

Naturally, skeptics argue that this is just a joke, instead of a child ghost someone has attached to it a device like the eternal pendulum. However, they failed to explain who and what makes it work. Grandmothers and parents are already whispers of a ghost boy, who lived in their house, and then suddenly disappeared.

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