Giant archaeological swindle

"In India, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of giant people." "The sensation of a world scale: the archaeological team of the National Geographic Society discovered the remains of 12-meter giants." "Our ancestors — the giants" …

That is not the most comprehensive list of "sensational" headlines that have appeared on the Internet in the spring of 2007. It was reported that, somewhere in the desert of western India, archaeologists, together with the Indian military, unearthed a strange 12-meter skeletons of giants who lived on earth thousands of years ago. As written a number of publications (eg, "Hindu Voice"), the Indian government immediately cordoned off the area of excavation, forbidding access to all artifacts, except those from the National Geographic Society. Provides proof in pictures huge skeleton around which the tiny bustling archaeologists. Pictures did look impressive.

True, the rumor about giants in 2007 were not the first. Back in 2004, a number of websites reported on the mysterious discovery in Saudi Arabia. There, according to news reports, was also found giant human skeleton. Naturally, the military immediately rushed to hide away from the ubiquitous artifacts of journalists and curious scientists.

But after a four-year-old Indian sensation knocked reports of similar findings throughout the world: Greece, Malaysia, Portugal, Kenya, South Africa — everywhere archaeologists stumbled upon obscure three-meter human skeleton. In the June issue of "Vedic Culture" for 2007, published an article titled "The gods, giants and men", an account of a "sensational discovery" in India. To quote the magazine:

In one of the desert regions of India, called the "Empty Quarter" was discovered the skeleton of a giant. Discovery belongs to the team, "National Geographic" (Indian Division), which conducted excavations with the support of the Indian Army.

At the burial site were also found tablets with inscriptions that have been deciphered by Indian scientists. According to decipher the text, the skeleton belongs to one of the giants generated by Brahma (Svarogom) at the dawn of humanity in order to maintain order in human society, preventing wars among the people. These giants were very tall and strong, able to clasp his hands a tree trunk and pull it out by the roots.

Ancient mythology states that the genes of these giants carried a one of the Pandava brothers — the son of Bhima. But later, the giants, who were endowed with special powers are turned against the ancient gods and unleashed a war with them. Therefore giants were destroyed by God Shiva.

The "National Geographic" (Indian Division) believes that they have found one of these giants.

The Government of India to classify the discovery and deny access to the territory of the excavation to all but members of the "National Geographic."

The true size of the giant found can be understood by comparing the photo size of the skeleton and archaeologists. "

Vain for the civilized world, this discovery seems, was another short-lived sensation, of which he had a few days, for sure, I forgot.

But for us (we hope, for you, dear readers) — is extremely important confirmation of the truth of the chronicle of the Ancient Vedas, including Vedic Prophecies about the beginning of the Dawn Svarog — a new era in the development of mankind, which will come into its own in 2012.

The article was accompanied by the familiar pictures of us that transcends the Russian language Internet, and "Vedic culture" in particular from the foreign press. The enthusiasm of the authors and readers of this magazine to me personally is quite understandable. For them, the discovery of skeletons of giants is another confirmation of the truth of every word written in the Vedas. But let's seriously sort out what had actually happened, and if we consider the findings of archeologists from the National Geographic Society genuine.

Whether before us remains giants long ago walked the earth, or are we seeing just clever fake? Neither one nor the other. No giants on the planet have never lived, and photos, along with numerous "eye opener" of a number of news agencies, — not a clever fake. Rough fake — it is close to the truth. But first things first.

Blatant forgery so excited the whole Internet and even some print media in the first place could not stand the National Geographic Society (NHS) in 2007 published on its website an article in which, after carefully analyzing each of the "shocking pictures" conclusively proved all absurdity "of the archaeological sensations", and officially stated: "Despite the numerous reports and photos, the NGO did not find any remains of the ancient giants."

Indeed, everything pictures so-called giant skeletons are fakes. Some of them first appeared on the website Worth100, engaged in editing photos using a variety of software (including, of course, and adored by all Photoshop). The basis of other shots were taken real pictures of archaeological excavations carried out at Cornell University. As you know, in the original picture no giants.

In early 2010, with the theme of "archaeological giants" has been picked up by new enthusiasts, resulting in new pictures, no less sensational than their predecessors.

However, these giants were not, there is still …

Author: Alex Kozlov

Category: Archaeological discoveries

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