Greeces oldest breed of dog dying alopekis

Complete extinction threatens Greek breed alopekis known since ancient Greece, the Athens News Agency reported.

According to the presented at the conference Zootechnia-2013 in Thessaloniki data, breed standards now meet only 58 dogs, which, according to scientists, are part of the cultural heritage.

Alopekis ("little fox") appeared in Greece even before the Mycenaean civilization. In ancient Greek art remained very many pictures of this animal — illustration on vases, statuettes, figurines and coins. Like a little fox dog, whose height at the withers of 20-30 centimeters, used as a guard sheep, hunting, home security, as well as a companion dog.

The researchers studied the breed from February 2005 to September 2012 — and described looking dogs that are consistent with the phenotype, preserved in Serra, in Macedonia. Here the dogs were very popular before the resettlement of refugees in 1922, during the "Asia Minor Catastrophe". Archaeologists discovered a total of 58 dogs that meet the standards of the breed.

Scientists propose immediately certify the breed FCI (FCI), select breeding animals to preserve the breed and popularize their breeding, in particular, talking in schools about the Greek breeds of dogs and other animals as a national cultural heritage.

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