Gregory Kastusyou met voters in Novapolatsk

Local authorities have offered to campaign meetings with candidates the best room in town — the Palace of Culture "Naftan".

The hall can accommodate 600 spectators. At a meeting with Kastusyou came about 80 people.

The Chairman of the candidate city cell BPF Vladimir Kuncevich. Gregory Kastusyou told the audience about themselves, and then — his electoral program.

Questions to the candidate.

Those present at the meeting had the opportunity to ask questions to the candidate for this in the hall even set up a microphone. However, people hesitate to ask publicly, refer the matter to the notes. The first was written: "Dear Gregory, your mother can be proud of what has brought such a son. But his name I can not name, I work in the public sector and the fear of losing their jobs."

However, there were also those who are not afraid of anything. An employee of the local forestry held a meeting with documents about the theft of the forest. He reported the violations to his superiors, but to no avail. So I asked Gregory Kastusiou to this issue did not go unnoticed.

But each of the current candidates has the ability to print your program and introduce people to alternative incumbent views.

There were also questions about the likelihood of electing a single candidate. Kastusyou Gregory said: "The United Democratic Forces for the past presidential election did everything to a single opposition candidate was. But if Putin became president? No. And many of the current candidates would not agree to all of the left one. But each of the current candidates — and seven of them I think the opposition — has the ability to print your program and introduce people to alternative views incumbent. "

They asked about the foreign funding of opposition. "I have not been a single year that I did not work. On the bread of his family, I've always been making itself. Even for collecting signatures for my nomination BNF has not paid a dime. And, in contrast to the "White Russia", our party has no public funding, "- said the candidate.

Clearly provocative questions almost was not. Perhaps that is why, say local activists that the hall was not the representatives of the city authorities, only a couple of the KGB, which is always something recorded and carefully examined those present.

After meeting.


Elections 2010

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