Group Kosmopoisk found strange megalithic slabs



A group of researchers under the Kosmopoisk Novokubansky entered the gorge with large rectangular stone slabs (each about 3×5 m), set against each other (see photo).



The total height of the building — about 30-40 meters. Two versions (natural and manmade) are verified. Of course, there is a suspicion of a natural origin, but on a number of boards have traces of artificial treatment.

Earlier, the same group found another unusual place. Traces of artificial stone processing are present in many places. It is assumed that under preservation of ancient buildings is much better. One of these days there will be attempts to go down to the ancient dungeons with appliances, including geolokatorom.


In the camp to the researchers can come to all. Kosmopoisk group and volunteers can simply come to the 10th camp Kosmopoisk (opposite Novokubansk) within three weeks of June. Read more in your local group / ufo_novokubansk.

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