Hamayun — Bird broadcasting

Slavic mythology — the key to the soul of the Russian people, its history and culture. The images reflect the world of Slavic mythology of ancient people. The Slavs did not know religion, but only Faith. Pagans also known people who have had a different faith. Its just called Veda (knowledge), or just faith (and those who adhered to, Woertz). The Orthodox faith was anciently (thank Rule, the world of the gods of light and of the Ancestors). Jav, Nav and the right — three parts of the world.

Later, the sovereign people perekuvyrkali many concepts and "worked" with the documents, changing the original meaning. Oh, how difficult the modern researcher to understand the documents. What truly that fake? A legacy that has changed, that the popular myths that state? Nothing on earth is completely … Nestled in the interior, saving many, including the knowledge recorded in koschunah (wooden plate), Santo (the table of gold, silver, platinum).

Slavic ancestors Vedas became known for another amazing bird, bird Gamayun. On her birth is told in the myths that are firmly living words and images in many Russian fairy tales.

During the co-creation of Svarog and Lada was created many worlds, stars, land (all the planets is called the land), and the Gods. This — Makos (destiny), Rozhanitsy, Barma, celestial cow Zemun (taking the form of a cow, as the patron of them), the celestial goat Sedunov, Sedavit Star (Polaris), Polaris and called Tara, stone Alatyr snakes Yusha (force of gravity) and has an infinite number of forces.

From the impact of Svarog alatyr heavy hammer-stones scattered sparks in the sky, and were born of them are bright and his forces of heaven. In a whirlwind of fire-born Semargl ognebog. Of milk and butter celestial cows and goats Zemun Sedunov did Svarog Earth.

Once inspected Svarog skies and saw his beloved land — along with others, she went into the deep ocean of universal primary. Then called Svarog duck Rod and told her to get out of the Ocean of the Earth. First duck dived all day it was not, and when she returned, it was found that not donyrnula to Earth. Second dove, on the Ocean Wave spree, there was duck two days, and when popped, it turned out that this one is not got. Added by Svarog her his power, duck dived, and on the Ocean storm already enacted, and only three days later she emerged, holding in its beak a few grains of the Earth, including rock Alatyr. Of these krupinochek revived Earth.

After the revival of the earth rose in the middle of the Ocean-Sea island of Buyan. On the island of Buyan many different trees. Sails to the island duck Rod sails so put off their testicles, so gold iron. Hatched from those eggs poultry. Not just a bird, bird magic.

Loved birds apple trees, which grow Rejuvenating apples. At the top sits a bird Gamayun Apples. Hamayun — Bird broadcasting. It broadcasts reveals future. That she "sang" the golden book of the Vedas wonderful voice that can enchant the one who listens to him. She herald of the gods. It was believed that Hamayun predicts happiness and can predict the future to those who can hear the secret, believed that she knows everything. Portrayed her with a woman's face and chest. It acted as a personification of Rain, storms. She attributed the ability to control the weather, cause a strong wind.

"Razgulay nepogodushka, menacing cloud rising, much noise incline Dubravushka, stirred up in the feather-grass. That bird flew Gamayun-broadcasting, with the eastern storonushki, raising a storm of wings. Flying high above the mountains, because of the dark wood was flying out from under the cloud of the nepogozhey. Blue sea, it flutter, sarachinskoe pereletyvala field. Like Rechenka fast Currants, in white-combustible stone Alatyr, in green on apple sadochke Gamayun-bird seat. As she sat down — was singing the song, spread feathers to raw land. "

"Arrival, Gamayun, ominous bird across the sea Razdolnoye through high mountains, through a dark forest, through the open field. You Sing, Gamayun, prophetic bird, the white dawn, on a steep mountain on Rakitovo kustochke, a crimson prutochke. "

"Bird broadcasting, bird wise, you know a lot, a lot knowest … Tell me, Hamayun, sing-but teach us to conceive … Why the whole world? How to conceive a red sun? Month light and frequent star why, tell the people? And as the winds blew wild? Erupted as dawns clear?

Did not deny that Veda … "

On the eastern branch of Wonder Apples sits another bird, as well as Gamayun, hatched from a golden egg. Dawn Bird Alkonost. Yet it is called — a beautiful maiden Dawn. Dawn — the early morning, when the sun has not yet appeared on the horizon, but the sky is lighter. At this time, the bird begins to fly Alkonost. She has a wonderful voice. She sings songs of joy. Her singing is fine and harmless. Alkonost portrayed differently. Like a bird with the head of a woman and as a woman, but with wings on their backs. This woman with a beautiful face holding a lotus flower. She flew to the man in the moments of life difficulties. Predicted. Gave valuable advice.

Alkonost carries its eggs on the beach, immerses them in a depth of water, makes a calm sea for seven days, until the chicks hatch. And she does this in the middle of December, a week before the winter solstice, after which the Slavs celebrated carols. She attributed the ability, as well as bird Gamayun — manage wind and weather.

In the old days, when people were treated In-Rhoda, was considered the most healing (as it is and now) to meet the dawn, to bathe in the morning dew. In Russia there Zorev medicine. To have a healthy body and a healthy heart, you often meet Dawn. Zorev of Medicine have survived plots. Many plots mentioned and bird Dawn Alkonost. It was said that "she sews up the bloody wounds and spreads her pink veil over the whole world, awakening him from sleep."

Sits on the western branch of Sweet Bird of Sorrows Syrian, sadly that song is intoxicating and beckons to the realm of death. Was born out of the iron balls. She is the ruler of the underworld messenger Kashchei. Syrian dark bird impersonation dark power. Who will listen to her song, forget about everything and dies.

Syria — the embodiment of an unhappy soul. She sings a beautiful voice, but you need to be able to distinguish this insidious singing, you do not lose yourself.

Meeting with bird Sirin — check and test. If a person is strong in spirit, and he did, and things go his roads. A weak — heard, and lose themselves vanish.

Amazing outlook of the ancient Slavs calmly places a seemingly dangerous bird on a tree with a bird Gamayun things and birds of Joy Alkonost. The recognition of the legality of its coexistence with other par — a manifestation of a deep respect for all creatures Rod.

Deep awareness of the laws of being formed in the ancient Slavic world, devoid of aggression directed at foreign expansion. But this has created a sense of his native land, to protect which the Russian could not even bare hands.

Soldiers accompanied not only bird Swa-glory, but other familiar fairy folklore of birds.

Perhaps the most famous Finist the Falcon. In Finist Jasna Falcon turned God Velez. Velez — the son of a magic cow Zemun. God of wisdom, wealth, patron of animals. His name means the great lords.

In Russian fairy tales, epics and wrote about him under the name of Vasily Buslaev, Stavr Godinovich. One of his names was Guidon. And his wife was a harbor porpoises, Azovushka (Swan Princess). That history dating Velez and his wife, harbor porpoises described Pushkin in "The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, glorious and mighty warriors Prince Guidon Saltanoviche, and the beautiful Princess The Swan." Are ancient stories with the exact same plot. By the way, the name of the Sultan back in XVII, XVIII centuries occurred in the southern territories of Russia. But in a document of King of All Russia Ivan, granted Stroganov, Khan Kuchum called "Siberian Saltan."

Velez God, because he was the patron of the animal kingdom, could turn into a bull, wolf, pike and a falcon.

In Falcon turned and God of Fire — Semargl. Only he called Sokol Rarog. It was believed that he was born of a lightning strike. Taking an active part in the battles, Falcon Rarog are the guardians and family center.

Falcon — tribal, ceremonial sign (totem) of the famous Prince Rurik and his famous descendants of Oleg and Igor, as well as the Great Sviatoslav. The famous "Rurik trident" — attacking hawk. Falcon — brave bird with sharp vision and lightning reaction. Hawk in ancient times was the favorite bird to hunt. He hits the extraction and in the air and on the ground. Can not escape from it. Falconry is reborn in our time.

Best pilots in Russia called falcons, sharp eye — falcon. A favorite — Falcon clear. Young guy — darling.

Sacred bird is still present not only in folk tales, but also in embroideries and ornaments, coats of arms and emblems of national parties and movements.

The very name of Falcon consists of two parts of Co and Number (Colo). Colo — circle, the image of the sun.

Elvira Tarasova, teacher and organizer of the MDGs, "Logos", Moscow

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