Happy goddess Lada!

Today (May 20, 2012, 40 7520 Elet SMZH)in all branches of Slavs and Aryans
sing and worship Lada great glory of God.

Goddess of Harmony was not in the pantheon of Russian gods, nor go in there and Rod — the progenitor of all life on earth. Both of these deities were that
called, "the blood of the Slavs" from birth — they were an integral part of the Slavic world view. Harmony-Love is one of the fundamental principles of the world of the Slavs, without Rod would never have made the people. His favorite Russian Slavs called the name Lada Ladushki and harmony in the home was the result of patronage Slav goddess of love — Lada.

LADA-Mother (Mother Sva)— The Great Celestial Mother, Mother.

Loving and gentle mother of the Gods of Light Majority of the Great Race, the Virgin, patroness of all the people of the Great Russenia (areas on which settled the Great Race, ie Slavic and Aryan tribes and nations) and the Hall of Los Svarog Circle.

Heavenly Mother Mother Lada— Is the Goddess of Beauty and Love, protecting the family unit Clans of the Great Race and Families of all descendent of heaven.

In order to get the constant care and attention from the heart of Mother-Lada, each newly married couple brings in a gift from Heavenly Virgin brightest and most fragrant flowers, honey and a variety of berries, and the young couple for Lada bake pancakes with berry filling, honey pancakes and lay before Kummirom or images of her.

Vyšna Lady Lada always gives young couple all that they are asking to start a happy life together.

It brings to life the people home comfort, friendliness, understanding, love, procreation, many, childhood, mutual aid, family life, respect and vzaimopochitanie. So about such unions said that they only reigns Lad and love.

Let us remember the wise precepts and teachings of Mother Frets:

01. Blessed Svarog firstborn Rod, yes combined Union Family in Summer wisdom.
02. That of women, koiya denies her husband and Rhoda him unworthy of being a mother and she did not come to know the happiness and joy in their lives, but merely a bitter loss.
03. If koiya Mother denies children of their own, in the throes of birth, then she shall find no peace in his heart, not in the World Reveal or in the world, Navi, and Svarga Pure forever hidden from her.
04. Yes Mother invest any soul, but in all his actions, and he do in his house, Peace, and Joy Ladnost.
05. Let not the daughter of God denies the debt before Rod will not turn from birth children over liabilities to the race.
06. Yes reigns in the Union Family Lad only the love, and do not comprehend that the Union Family troubles, hard times and loss.
07. Live, people in the Soviet Union with nature vozmnozhaya it rather than ruining it.
08. Yes daughter conceive of God in the family unit of his betrothed wife, and love, be sure to check out it, as God is the protector of their clans.
09. Yes conceive the son of God in the family unit and his betrothed wife to love to read it as a Goddess homemaker and a continuer of his clans.
10. Keep your family unit. Blessed by the gods, in times of joy and in times of bitter, and may the gods help you light, and will multiply your generations old.
11. Watch out, the daughter of God, with brown izmalstva Vlas — the honor of their fathers, to braid their Vlasov blond tresses in wonderful clothes on their Beregin.
12. Wake up you dream mapping with Clear Sunny, retired guide you Clear Stars.
13. Yes arrive in Intrapartum youngest son of parents, and he has his parents in the days of old, tacos as they kept him in the days of Mladost.
14. If your in the glorious old, more than six daughters, the better you will become related to the mighty Rod, in no more than six sons. And this will strengthen your grace Kinship ancient and glorious throughout your generations.
15. More children will be in your Rodach, the more love, joy and happiness will remain in your Rodach, for your children strengthen your generations and lead them to greatness and prosperity.
16. Never forget, the children of the Great Race, the gods, the protector of you, and all Sorts of Sorts your ancestors, for all the gods of the patron and the wise ancestors of yours, is the mighty roots Sorts your, source of life and prosperity of your Clans.

Hymn-Pravslavlenie:Oh, you, Lada-Mother! Swa Immaculate Mother! Do not leave us without the love and happiness! Send down His grace on us, Thou, and we honor and praise Thee, now and ever and from the circle to circle, until the end of time, until we Jarilo-shining sun!

God be in all branches of the Holy Race Lad love!
Glory Lada Virgin, our Heavenly Mother!
From the Circle to Circle! byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

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