Hard Landing

Hard Landing

President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev harshly criticized the quality of Russian aircraft. At the Security Council meeting, which took place on Friday, he said that his experience has ascertained the existence of problems, even in new aircraft. Most of the observers considered that the president hinted at the problem in its own chassis airliner TU-214, because of this fault plane at the current time, it is not suitable for use.

Turning to the aircraft manufacturers, the president said that the funds do not need to ask, and to work. Yet he also noted that the configuration of the situation up to 2020 from the federal budget for the aviation activities will be highlighted above 5 trillion rubles, which is almost 10 times more than what was allocated in the previous decade. According to the President, this is a very huge amounts of money, because with the greatest impact should be spent every ruble.

Of this amount, some places three and a half trillion will go to the military. On the modernization of airports will be spent 470 billion Specifically on civilian aircraft industry allocated nearly one trillion rubles, according to Central Bank on Tuesday, is $ 36.5 billion

Nicholas Solabuto, which manages assets of BCS money, said the funds will only be enough to "Turnaround" competitiveness and properties of Russian civilian aircraft, also increment the global market share of Russian civilian aircraft to 15 percent. According to him, the bulk of funds will need to be distinguish to finance the completion of finished projects. And the fact that they are needed, according to the tests. The expert also noted, that bring to mind a good glider is not as long and not too many necessary funds.

But the problem is not in quality, but in the lack of development of Russian aircraft leasing market. That is why in order to overcome the lag in the development of civilian aircraft, of, first, you need to make municipal leasing airline. Purchasing planes from Russian manufacturers, the airline would offer to lease their carriers. According to the views of a professional in the world, apart from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, airlines charge for leasing aircraft, because they can not allow themselves to their bulk purchases.

Because we do not have municipal intermediary between airlines and manufacturers, plainclothes Russian aircraft is in very poor condition and did not go to any comparison with zabugornom employees. For example, foreign firms Airbus released this month by 36 aircraft, as we have in the country only for the last year released only 6 pieces.

The existence of this difficulty and have Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council. In his own interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", he said that, unfortunately, in Russia the creation of civilian aircraft is a single character. Russian industry for almost lost inside market aircraft. Russian airlines update their own fleet of aircraft by leasing aircraft deliveries from zabugornogo manufacturer.

According to him, if we were ok to do their aircraft, they will eclipse zabugornyh unique not only on the performance data, and at a cost. For example, the cost of Russian Tu-204 about $ 30 million, and its counterpart of Airbus — about $ 50 million. However, according to Essayan, Our homeland is very lagged behind the West in the manufacture of engines, and for the past 20 years in Russia there is no new model engines.

According to the views of professional Our homeland is not able on their own to overcome the lag in engine. And if you think our country is or lure foreign manufacturers of aircraft engines, before which put stringent requirements to gradually raise the level of production localization, as we have done in the automobile industry, or take foreign technology.

Meanwhile, according to Nikolai Patrushev, in 2020 the need for civilian aircraft in the Russian market will be about 1.3 thousand cars. Because, in his opinion, on the Russian domestic market will regain its place.

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