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Health without vaccinationIt turns out that there are still honest doctors! And they are now trying to make sense of what they were doing all your life? And others that dishonest, prefer not to think about, easily bribed his conscience higher salary …

Françoise Berthoud pediatrician child health without vaccination

Increasingly, doctors are honest West pay attention to the contradictions in modern medicine. Trying to understand and explain the fallacy of vaccination, for example. Increasingly emerging issues to understand the fundamental approach to human health, based on the latest scientific research in medicine.

One day in April 2009, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination. I had to speak after the journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georges — France's two leading experts on the subject. From their early performances was clear to me that the best thing — stay away from vaccines as possible. I just do not know what else can be done to guarantee the life and health.

As a pediatrician with expertise in the matter, I decided to organize a conference entitled "Perfect health of unvaccinated children" with my friends Silvia and Michelle. This work in the future develop into a book, which will analyze the various vital decisions in families refuse vaccination, including home birth, breastfeeding, simple therapies, good food … Good living and faith in the ability of the organism to self-healing.

As a pediatrician, I have talked to parents who needed to express their fears about how diseases and vaccinations. Together we find the best solution for their children. Some chose not to vaccinate at all. Others can not get rid of the fear of the disease, especially tetanus. In those cases, we defer to the vaccination as soon as possible long term …

I worked in Switzerland, where the law does not oblige to vaccination, there is a lot of social pressure. In France, just a few miles from my office, at the time there were four compulsory vaccinations (BCG, fortunately, was canceled in 2007, the other three remain — diphtheria, tetanus, and polio).

I have reason to speak about the great health of unvaccinated children from personal medical experience, collecting patient feedback over the years.

— "My child started coughing immediately after the vaccination."

— "He is constantly sore ears after vaccination."

— "My sixteen year old daughter of a single vaccination. She almost never gets sick. And if you happen to get sick, the sick no more than two days. "

— "The neighbor's child vaccinated, as expected. He was constantly sick and receives antibiotics. "

But this is not enough to write a book. As it turned out, the same observations appear again and again throughout the world. Follow me on the planet.


In England, Dr. Michel Odent has shown in his two studies that children who are not vaccinated against pertussis, ill asthma 5-6 times less, than vaccinated against pertussis. The first study involved 450 children from an international nonprofit organization supporting breastfeeding (La Leche League), second — 125 children from Steiner schools (1).

Across Europe, a group of doctors, mainly pediatricians, watched 14,893 children in Steiner schools in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, and it was found that children living in anthroposophical culture (where vaccination mostly avoid) had significantly better health than in the control group (2).

In Germany, one of Europe's researchers, working with schools Steiner wrote: "In the eastern part of Berlin before the Wall fell, we saw fewer allergies than in the west. The Eastern population was poorer, close to nature and less grafted. " Too much hygiene — not always good. As told to David Strachan, researcher and founder of the "hygiene hypothesis", "Germs of vital Give us this day."

In Spain, in 1999, Dr. Javier Uriarte and Manuel J. Marin published a study, which involved 314 children. Their fate the authors tracked from 1975 to 2000 (3). Feature of these children is that most of them were born either at home or in the hospital, but in a natural way, to extended breastfeeding, do not plant, did not apply to allopathic medicine and trained to a holistic view of health. They had no serious illnesses were few hospitalizations (mostly related injuries) and 3.3% of the patients with asthma compared with 20% among the general population. And, of course, they saved a lot of money!


In the U.S., there is now a level unimaginable in autism — 1 in 100. Unvaccinated also boast a number that represents a shocking contrast to the national statistics. Since this article is written for the American people, I will not go into details. Most of you are familiar with your reporter Dan Olmsted, which describes the surprising lack of autism in unvaccinated members of the Amish community in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Even more impressive is the Chicago clinic "Houmferst", which has a team of doctors led by the medical director Eyzenshtaynom Mayer, MD and Law, Master of Public Health. Their children, most of whom were born at home and not subject to vaccination, no cases of autism, allergies occur extremely rarely. In 1985, I translated the book into French American pediatrician Robert Mendelsohn "How to raise a healthy child in spite of the doctors." And now I see the results — a great children's health, whose doctors are his pupils! I like these matches!


In 1942, Leslie Owen Bailey, founder of the Australian Society of Natural Health, took custody of 85 children, which could not take care of their mother. Of these 85 children none received any vaccinations, did not take any medication, it does not make any transactions. The only disease that happened to them, it is chicken pox in 34 children. They were immediately prescribed bed rest, and they received only pure water and fresh fruit juice. They all quickly recovered without complications. The investigation into this case revealed that sick children change school lunches, exchanging their healthy meals in common fast food, which is why the outbreak was not surprising.

Many of these children have inherited poor health, because their mother was ill and malnourished. Despite this, and the fact that they never breastfed, and they did not have the joy of normal communication with the mother, they were able to grow up strong, independent children.

New Zealand

Two studies conducted in New Zealand in 1992 and 1995, show that unvaccinated children will definitely have fewer allergies, fewer cases of otitis media (inflammation of the ear), tonsillitis, colds, epilepsy, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Interesting period in Japan were the years 1975-1980, when it was decided to make the first vaccination at the age of two years, instead of two months. The reason for this was the discovery link between vaccines and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In the "Pediatrics" published a study showing that from January 1970 to January 1975 there were 57 serious vaccine reactions, including 37 deaths. From February 1975 to August 1981. There were 8 cases of serious reactions, including three deaths. Unfortunately for the children and their parents, the Japanese vaccination plan was again "normalized." The study clearly shows that the immune system in two years, more than two months. How much better would feel these children, if they are not vaccinated?

We find the same observation in the study of the "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology." Here are the results of the survey 11 531 children aged 7 years: from vaccinated at 2 months was 13.8% of asthmatics vaccinated at the age of 2-4 months — 10.3% of vaccinees after 4 months — 5.9%. How would feel these children if they were not vaccinated at all?

The lesson regarding immunizations

As a conscientious, compassionate and considerate pediatrician, I can only come to one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far more likely to enjoy great health. What else vaccination reduces these chances.

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2. Allergic diseases and atopic sensitization in children related to farming and anthroposophic lifestyle — Persifal study. Allergy 2006, 61 (4) :414-421.



Dr. Francoise Berthoud (Switzerland), translation — Marianne Ananchenko (Chelyabinsk).

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