Heavy rain and hail caused serious harm to the villages in Georgia

Several thousands of families affected by heavy rain and hurricane-force winds in parts of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), reports on Thursday "News-Georgia".

In communities Gurjaani, Telavi and Lagodekhi district demolished the roof and destroyed the walls of houses, some of which were flooded. Binge disaster fell on a Thursday night.

"In all the villages, destroyed crops, killed livestock and poultry. In the village is not energized, destroyed roads, bakeries are not working," — said the regional agency "Kakheti Information Center."

According to the center, resulting in disaster affected 16 people, they were taken to the hospital Telavi.

Due to the state of emergency in the city of Telavi planned to hold an emergency meeting of the Georgian Government, which will be attended by the President of the country.

By order of the President of Georgia in Kakheti has set up headquarters in the aftermath of the disaster.

As a result of the hail and heavy rain also affected other regions of East Georgia — Samtskhe-Javakheti. In Akhaltsikhe and Vale flooded several homes, killed poultry.

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