Heavy rains and hail and heavy wind are expected in the CBD

Strong thunderstorms with hail and heavy wind expected in Kabardino-Balkaria, possible mud flows, according to the Emergency Prevention main emergency department in the country.

"In the next three to six hours, save the night of August 7 places in Kabardino-Balkaria expect strong thunderstorms, heavy rains and hail and squally wind increasing to 20-25 meters per second, in the mountains of possible mudslides gathering of small volumes," — said MOE.

In this regard, there is a possibility of emergency situations may overlap roads and railways, damaged transmission towers and bridges, gas, water, oil, vital infrastructure, damaged homes and structures located on the way of a possible descent of mudflows.

In addition, there may be irregularities in the transport, road and utilities, drainage of collection systems, damage to lung roof structures, as well as flooding of low-lying coastal areas and settlements.

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