Heavy snowfall hit the Eastern United States

Snowfall in the United States.  Photo: obozrevatel.comHeavy snowfall hit today on Eastern United States, according to Itar-Tass. According to forecasters at the National Weather Service, the snow, which started early in the morning, will only increase, and in the evening will turn into freezing rain and will continue until Thursday morning.

On the East Coast of the U.S. — from the nation's capital Washington DC to Boston / Massachusetts / — declared a storm warning. As expected, in the region in less than a day will drop from 20 to 60 cm of snow. Many airports, including the largest international air port of New York — Airport. John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark, announced the cancellation or long delays.

Authorities ask residents of cities that fall within range of the cyclone, not to travel on their own vehicles. This precaution is unnecessary, since such snowfalls in the region are usually not often — 1-2 times over the winter, so the local motorists not "change shoes" machine in winter tires and drive on the summer.

This winter was not typical for New York, where in December and January, a heavy snowfall was more than five times. Snow was a problem for the urban public utilities, which can not cope with his cleaning. In addition, during the snow and a prolonged period after them from the streets of the metropolis are not taken out the trash. This is due to the fact that for the removal of garbage and snow removal, the city meets the sanitary service. When heavy snowfall to heavy garbage establish special knives to collect snow and cars involve cleaning the streets.

It does not help to deal with the rampant disaster even huge amounts of salt generously scattered on the roads and pavements. This year, according to the Mayor of New York, the reagents have spent almost all the money allocated from the city budget for this winter. However, New York authorities have assured residents that the lack of de-icer will not.

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