Housing for servicemen in the Russian Federation

Housing for servicemen in the RussianIn virtually all Russian regions having districts that are one hundred per cent are assigned to live in their military families. With all of this it often happens that the more closely built microdistrict the federal center, the more willing to take it. The circumstances of this are many. It is not only the prestige of a typical residence in Moscow, Moscow, Krasnodar Territory or St. Petersburg. It's also the quality of the home being built. Monitoring of the finished housing for military personnel showed that residential complexes built for the military and members of the families in the Far East or Siberia, very often do not meet accepted standards. Many are deprived of even the most simple decoration. Personal repairman apartments are hired soldiers at their own expense, and in fact finish two-bedroom apartment, for example, in Vladivostok could cost a couple of hundred thousand rubles — depending on the extent and properties of such finishes. It's quite an impressive amount possible and will be even more significant, if question of the apartment with the so-referred to as European style.

Many military personnel shall be removed from the receipt of such apartments, not so much because it scares them to pay money for finishing as the complete absence of any infrastructure. Most neighborhoods are built almost in the open field. To get to stop the coming of public transport have to walk more than an hour. This situation is simply scares people if to take into account also the fact that in neighborhoods built hastily forgets to lay adjacent to the houses and asphalt tracks to street lighting.

That's why many soldiers after obtaining the certificate for home prefer to move closer to the center to be able to get a high-quality home the applicable level. If this discrepancy has not recently resolved, it may break plans verbovaniyu Russians in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Unfortunately, now is stated that out-migration from these regions exceeds the reverse migration. To attract the Russians need, including, solve the pressing problem of ensuring high-quality and low-cost housing.

After the change of control Defense is hoped that the situation will perceive a positive view.

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