Housing issue 2013 (10 films) watch online

Housing issue 2013 (10 films) watch online
Housing Question (Live 11.05.2013)
Designer Catherine Grachev devote his mess all families, which passed a serious school of survival in malometrazhkah with 2 malehankih kids. Bedroom apartment in the newest Maxim Mironov Eugene and it will make a perfect world for two.

Housing Problem (Live 18.05.2013)
Heroes alteration, musicians Alexander and Lyudmila Panyukov, live in a typical apartment. But Helen and Michael miroshkina create for them quite typical, mental and geometrically meaningful interior, in which virtually no straight lines and angles, and apply a new finish, an unusual and very peaceful nature of the material.

Housing Problem (Live 25.05.2013)
Hope on the marriage of a pearl and Valeria Malaeva designer Svetlana Herzen revise everyday room into a bedroom-living room-conservatory with cabinet, floor, energizing, expressionistic and wall cabinets with a diamond face.

Housing Problem (Live 01.06.2013)
To find the answer to the housing problem of the family Rogatnevyh, designer Natalia Bazhenov initially connect voedinyzhdy kitchen, bathroom and hallway in a single place, and later divide his extraordinary vanishing wall. A dear heroes will support maritime flair extraordinary chandelier that sends to the era of majestic Discovery.

Housing Problem (Live 08.06.2013)
Recasting the family kitchen astrophysicists Constantine and Alexandra Postnikov, painter and interior designer Juliette Sitnikov as if giving away a game of extraordinary, inconspicuous, non-linear and associative chess.

Housing Problem (Live 15.06.2013)
Taking as a base the style of Russian estates, designer Barbara will Zelenetskaya interior bedrooms, living room, inspired by Chekhov species: the estate, snow-white flowers, elusive scent of the cherry orchard, antique or aged textures, hidden from the eyes of an office, a luxury cabinet-greenhouse for a sofa and unvarnished Peach tree decoration.

Housing Problem (ether 22.06.2013)
The heroine of rework — passionate about creative woman with an indescribable power of disposition: studying to be a psychologist, and immediately acts on the stage. For her designer Catherine Shabalin create feature-rich, romantic and, of course, music interior — perfect for young single-minded nature.

Housing Problem (Live 29.06.2013)
Designer Anastasia Panibratova voedinyzhdy loggia connects the bedroom and the heroes of Chinese pavilion, which will be a key element of the lung as a fluttering butterfly, interior, designed in the style of chinoiserie.

Housing question (Live 06.07.2013)
10 square meters — that's a lot or not much? Optical illusions in the typical kitchen. "Housing Problem" proves that even a completely ordinary, standard kitchen can transform into an elegant dining room.

Housing Problem (Live 13.07.2013)
From flowers and frills — to the waterfall with the beetles! Team "Housing Problem" will create a stylish living room, where there is not the 1st right angle.

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