Housing issue 2013 (8 films) watch online

Housing issue 2013 (8 films) watch online
Housing Problem (ether 20.07.2013)
Base alterations — French classics with wall panels, cornices, plinths and cabinets conventional forms. But these set designers put such a lovely story of the late 60's — 70's, narrated as if it were to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, but not in Paris, and the capital of the Stalinist five-story building.

Housing Problem (ether 27.07.2013)
Received after 14 years of long-awaited apartment queue, Ira and Stanislav Vovk immediately started repairing. For three years, they almost all failed, and the only thing they do not like now — it's child's sons. The furniture is outdated, the children have grown — Denis is 18, Nicholas 12 years. And the guys hunt ultramodern interior design and the brightest colors. In accordance with the wishes of the heroes of the designer Mischa Novinsky will truly gallaktichesky project. One wall of the cover 3D-panel "bubbles" and two separate — beds, which will substantially flow into each other by means of connecting pieces in the shape of a boomerang.

Housing Question (Live 03.08.2013)
Valentine and Julia for the last three years pererablotali absolutely flat, with their own hands. Not only did the kitchen, as put in front of him rather difficult task: to connect to the ten-space of family life with a small child and a party with friends, of which they are not ready to abandon. And we will offer them really unusual solution — a peninsula right in the center of the kitchen! Julia is half Greek, because in decoration designer Zoe Mammoth decided to become attached to Greece: will olives, olives and sea wave.

Housing Problem (aired 10/08/2013)
The creative nature begins with the room. Bedroom-study with a French accent. Team "Housing Problem" opened a window to Europe!

Housing Problem (aired 08/17/2013) Decorators Svetlana Lee and Catherine Raikov's going to use the Spanish style of kitchen design, diluting its brightness, the sun and heat. We will use the brightest accents in the interior of the kitchen, texture — worn stone, brick wall, brightest color of sand.
In order to give us something to fight vagonoobraznym place box that is less food, build it from the back of the drywall, and join their arch — will create a kind of portal. This portal will shorten a little place and there is a kitchen area is almost square in size.
From the window seat was decided to make the sofa for guests and friends. In the center will table chairs around it. Interior will be sunny and warm, because the project dubbed "The sun of Spain."

Housing Problem (aired 08/24/2013)
That desire was to their liking, and our team, "Housing Problem", and in tandem with designers Ira and Olga Sundukova we're going to make one of the finest and brightest bedrooms for all the years of our applets. Paint all the walls in the colors of lemon and fuchsia. Also thanks to two gorgeous curtains at the edges of the big bed, the owner at any moment be able to be in an intimate and white "capsule to sleep."
A team of builders will create a very energetic, courageous and evokes the interior of the bedroom. Will set the mood slightly extravagant combination of colors — lemon and fuchsia.

Housing question (Live 31.08.2013)
If the wrong pokoldovat, can transform an ordinary room into a real palace! Little princesses can not dream, what they are capable of magicians "Housing Problem". "Fairy Godmother" to create a 2-sisters bright room, a gazebo with a swing and a loggia.

Housing Problem (Aired 07/09/2013)
Housing question — Program about everything that is related to home improvement and the creation of a comfortable and spacious interior. Right at the sight of the audience at the apartment of ordinary urban residents take on a new look. Well-known designers and decorators transform is not very comfortable interiors are elegant and comfortable, or simply make the newest residential environment.

Repairs, Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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