How Mickey Mouse enslaved humanity


Specially invented science — Conspiracy theories — theories gives solidity. For example, plots are divided into "global" (who rules the world?) — And the "small" (who killed Princess Diana? Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) … In fact, so many conspiracies that we are easily picked up a list of the 9 most amusing modern conspiracy theories to distract the minds of the citizens of useful things in the world. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell admitted that the U.S. government for 60 years, knows about the existence of aliens and, indeed, actively contact with them.

Sam Mitchell, but with aliens and did not communicate, described them quite detailed — greyish such puny and big-eyed. Of course, you would think that the head 78-year veteran of Astronautics baked. But the message about the connections with the ruling elite UFO fueled one of the so-called conspiracy theories …

The essence of the conspiracy theory — that there is some conspiratorial group of influential people, and they alone know what is really going on in the world. And, of course, promote its interests around the naive townsfolk. The residents, however, did not lose time in vain, trying to find out the whole story or read the tea leaves, adding one more fantastic than the other theories.

This long-standing tradition, centuries old, are not we wound up, we can not do it and cancel it. Everywhere, people are beginning to share something — money, power, beloved, but who knows what — and immediately begin "palace intrigues." Leave insidious religious orders, secret sect or class enemies, get out aliens, secret agents and corporate executives.

Conspiracy manufacturers: bamboozle the consumer

Proponents of the theory of economic conspiracy before inspiration in the works of Marxists. Now, increasingly in the cyberpunk literature, where it all comes down to one thing: huge corporations, led by heartless capitalists, composted brains independent individuals. Their purpose — hog more money and to subjugate the entire world. Antimonopolists rush through the world, protesting against manufacturers, Crookshanks. And they continue to jointly prevent the spread of high-quality and cheap products, so as not to lose profits.

The classic example — the transition to a razor blade where available sharpening to have to buy new ones. We must admit that a large proportion of common sense in this argument is. The question is whether this is a global world conspiracy? Or pragmatic corporate leaders simply think alike, based on the economic realities and thinking about the benefits — each of his?

GMO conspiracy: God knows what to feed

Food producers are accused of plotting against the public health. With alcohol and tobacco companies is clear: it is by definition the Center of the world's evil. But the production of edible fraught. After all malicious dyes and additives of Monster poison developing countries! With the advent of genetically modified organisms (products) and all turned sci-fi detective story about the new biological weapons and guided mutations.

The greatest excitement caused construction on the Arctic island of so-called "Doomsday Vault" — a huge seed bank, sponsored by the manufacturers of genetically modified foods. Perhaps something is really wrong. Perhaps the problem is that scientists still do not understand and do not explain to the public: hazardous or not?

Masonic conspiracy: to lay their hands on all the

An ancient secret society shrouded in mystic veil, continues to haunt the minds of citizens. Proponents of this theory believe that the Masons occupy high positions in the world, seek to establish a new order to erase the boundaries between nations and create a single currency for all. In short, globalization — as sure as the handiwork of the Masons. And the European Union with the abolition of visas and the standard euro banknotes — proof.

In the plot involved and innocent at first glance charities. For example, the fund "Cultural Initiative" George Soros, who, according to conspiracy theorists, certainly hardened Mason. It hangs and the undermining of the Russian economy, and the voucher privatization 90s, and the tricks of the CIA "Mossad."

Of course, there is a strange thing: where in the world that will not fall apart and bursting at the seams — some Soros is right there. And if they stick together and planned to order, so it hurt, gone. But what's the use in such stories nod to the Freemasons — when there's a great chance to think about their own stupidity. Although, of course, think about your own stupidity — we have no such fools.

The plot of Mickey Mouse: powders brains

"Mondiapizm" — from the French tops1 ("peace"). Proponents of this theory believe in the secret world government led by the United States, which imposes the world their views on the constitution and democracy, the American way. But in the end blindly authoritarian and technocratic society in the spirit of Orwell.

Fell under suspicion and animator Walt Disney, by the way, a large mason. "Mondialist ideology of Disney" introduces in the mass consciousness of an "artificial carelessness," conformism, apolitical, craving for spectacular entertainment ™ and priority over intellectualism. So Mickey Mouse — not a silly little mouse voice, as it might seem, as a sinister figure. Mickey Mouse sorry. Although, no doubt, the U.S. is clearly asking for something to compliment them back Reagan: Well, who is now acting in the world as the "evil empire"?

Conspiracy "blue mafia: supervise, nasty

This theory was invented, of course, homophobes, and she says that now the elite do not have to break his head, but only the opposite, the softer part of the body. Gays slip into government and promote the career ladder only their own kind.

By the way, do gay people also use the term "gay mafia", but in an ironic way. Since they represent mutual inherent sexual minorities. How far is this orientation of corporatism, is not known. But it is doubtful whether society would not notice any change, if the world is really ruled by nasty gay.

Conspiracy "Cymbalist"

This is exactly what the American astronaut spoke — the secret rulers of the earth have long been strangers and engage them in a coalition government. The aliens tend to bring our planet carelessness in line with the "cosmic" order.

Another option: "aliens" and "pilots plates" emerge from the "center of the earth." According to the scientific understanding of the Earth's core, where it is clearly hard times — that migrate, poor things. The U.S., the government, preparing people to fellowship with brothers in mind, encourages Hollywood to produce the relevant films. Seen Hellboy? Well, the spitting image of an alien!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Where going to "conspirators" of the global elite?
Bilderberg Group — an informal international organization, according to some, the secret world government. Meetings are held in the utmost secrecy. The club has 383 members — the cream of society from around the world: Britain's Prince Philip, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and other VIPs. The Trilateral Commission — an organization founded by New York bankers to encourage cooperation between the U.S., Europe and Japan. President of the Commission — David Rockefeller.

It consists of 376 politicians, bankers, businessmen (one-third — the Japanese, Europeans and Americans). The purpose of the commission — the global problems and, according to Rockefeller, "to rule the world." Rotary — an international charitable organization founded in 1905, has about 1.2 million affluent and influential members. In Rotary consisted Thomas Mann, Churchill, Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. The goal is to serve humanity — and a strict code of ethical rules do not prevent conspiracy theorists accuse her ambitious plans.

Author: P.Orlova

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