How not to get hooked at a crucial time

Good day to you, dear Rodowicz!

We live in an amazing time, a time when there is a revival of our culture and people, race. Some souls plunged into the abyss of ignorance and degraded, while others rise and evolve. The strong get stronger, the good deed ..
Our people, our Race and Rod failed to destroy centuries of genocide and repression, terror and war. Our Ancestral Gods awaken in us and are gradually coming into their power and restored, revived in spirit. Until then, while on Mother Earth will live, even though a few Rusich living Pocono, in truth, our culture will not die and rise from the abyss and non-being, as it were, it is not heavily trampled and spread rot.

What is happening in Russia and the Slavic world? Is Renaissance. People confidently and rapidly awakening from sleep and depart darkness. Compare what was Rodnoverie-Slavism 10-15 years ago and look at it now:

Slavs choose sober, are abandoning alcohol, smoking, meat-eating, create family estate, exploring places of power, and restore them, create strong families and strive for the complete reunification with the Gods and their family ancestors. It's beautiful! It gives hope and faith-building into a bright and clean future for Mother Earth.

However, we all also know that there is a force that in every way we harm and hurt. The force that you want to continue to keep us for slaves and used as the working masses, like cattle. For this force is very opastno Revival our original family tradition and it all means do not allow this. Because our native tribal Steer is light and good planet restores nature and strengthens it.

It is known that one of the best ways to defeat the enemy, if you can not destroy it physically is to lead it and lead the way. Why they were so important to infiltrate our ranks, the ranks and positions of the Slavic peoples and the most active part of it, to become leaders among us, to lead and play off each other, fight and lead the side away from the original, and Pocono, give new false postulates and over again the religion behind the pretense of the Slavs, to prevent the revival of family tradition.

Creatures and demons, who are behind all of this, is often used in the past fallen souls belonged to our people and race. In one of life these souls committed a very serious offense and were driven out of sorts. After that, they got the power of black entities. Other Soul consciously served the evil and received from one life to the serious job, doing that they got new titles in its hierarchy and also improved. Now it's time when the creatures and demons, these dark souls embodied on Earth at a time when there is a major battle for the Midgard-Earth and the future of all the Slavic peoples. Now they are using one of the best at the moment of tactical moves —SEPARATION AND sidetrack.Why is it now so important to them and why it is so effective? Because centuries and centuries passed deliberate brainwashing humanity and encoding it into subservience and worship. A Slavic Soul initially has a relationship with the family, has always been a freedom-loving and free-style. For hundreds of years, and it took ages to plant us and introduce the virus of slavery and fear, cowardice. It is displayed in a religious man. Such a person is not able to bear any otvedstvennost for their lives or for their family or for Mother Earth. But our ancestors, knowing that they themselves are gods and demi-gods, that they can influence the course and the motion of the planet, for everything that happens to her, took otvedstvennost the cosmos and therefore had power and Moguchest!

People of the first "hang" their flaws and weaknesses and looking for scapegoats in religions, are now trying to hang all the Jews, Freemasons, parasites and lizard-aliens who have never seen at all. This is precisely the inoculation of religiosity and cowardice when otvedstvennnost people for everything that happens in his life and in the family, do not take on himself and pushes on someone. Such a person will never recover its divine Moguchest and does not understand the essence of the Pocono.

Taking care to more people and remained at the same level of religiosity, creatures and demons poslylayut in our world is the same black souls, so that they lead and led away to the side, did not give further develop the Slavs and Aryans. Do they get a break and the opportunity to gather strength, because a huge part of them out now is an information war, and the introduction of our numbers of their agents.

How do I know who is this or that leader or business? There are initial signs that can help devotees, seekers and going not to stray from the path, and can be very useful for those who have recently asked the Slavs and seek to return to the bosom of their native culture.

So explore a bit of a leader, the structure of its community or organization, you can understand what the conductor energies and it is what is Gods.

The primary symptoms of black priests and demon implementations:

— Exaltation of his ego and pride

Real sorcerer or priest, you do not ever tell them that it is. This is a very high rank, which is given by gods together with the opportunities that are now considered to be supernatural.The man who calls himself the wise men, mentally ill in the first place, exalts his own inflated ego and pride.Normal, healthy and adequate teacher always behaves modestly. He shows his students an example of real bezkorystnogo Rod Ministries, through the execution of simple moral foundations of any mentally healthy society. People who call themselves the wise men, they are not though, because I would not have the moral basis and clean and simple human concept of modesty. They serve their own ego and pride. Among them are those who are simply out of ignorance, but not willfully so call themselves. So people if they do come and have matured to understand these basics, you need to recognize their past mistakes and correct them.

The same who swagger calls himself a "magician" of all Slavs, "priest" Rod and All .. All .. We can only sympathize. Because when the world and return to the real servants of the Magi, incarnated again and show the world their abilities, mummers "priests" will look for places where you can probably hide.

— The pyramidal structure

At the top of the mountain-community-organization is the only leader or "magician."

Our ancestors decides on veche circle and Kolo. Board passed from one species to another. Autocratic rulers and kings appeared in later periods, where the basis of the Pocono has been lost and people have entrusted power over him, stopped taking OTVEDSTVENNOST for himself, and gave it into the hands of others. Lose their power.

— Greed and commerce

This is the introduction of the virus commodity barter in modern Slavs. This means that the devotees of spiritual help in the form of rituals, conversations, healing and so on, "the wise men" provide for the money or other consideration.

It says and points to the fact that this "priest" aims to make you and your grief and desire for knowledge.

Any person who ever did anything in life bezkorystno for another, showing genuine compassion and kindness, knows that the universe itself is generously gives and gives a soul, always giving everything he needs and what he needs at the moment.

The wise men went from one village to another, never forcing his help and do not promote themselves. If they had the power, the glory went before them, and people will find a man, turning to him for help, which he had never refused and did not ask for a reward. People will understand everything and gave it that they can provide.

Take the money and ask for material compensation for the conduct of Rites, seminars, lectures — is a crime against Roda. This is a clear and crisp black ministry to priests and his wallet, but the people and property of the people.

People can come and pay for travel and meals, for example if they want to invite to visit and listen to talk about the experience and Vedanii someone. It is natural and right. But when the ritual practice and spiritual help to put on stream, is transformed into a kind of pyramid scheme and easy to earn money, this is the real black priesthood. Run away from such a guru and the "wise men".

— Relation to wildlife and Nature

Now Slavic environment and on our websites, forums, actively raises the question meat eating and moral aspect killing-free diet. And this is not surprising. These are the first steps and signs of awakening and becoming the Soul.

Many people understand and realize what soul grows in its development, passing from one life form to another. The problem of higher forms of life with respect to lower it and help pokrovitelstvo.Tak high gods of the universe to help us look and act as guards and teachers. Just as our ancestors belonged to the animal and natural world and its representatives.

What does that mean? — The animal has a soul, which is at a certain level and stage of development. Being in the human soul and the animal rights communicate and exchange information. Is growing and learning, energy transfer. We do themselves and feel drawn to animals, as they are to us. Cats, dogs, horses, and our other animal in need of us, and we in them. But the man be put to the whole animal and the animal world, seeing it as a means to satisfy his own hunger, devouring those whom Father-Rod bequeathed to save and help.

Many souls are so hardened that they have these words evoke a smile. Others begin to justify looking at those who said they do other weaknesses in every way trying to "whitewash" themselves.

But the essence is the Beast-eating friend, it is a terrible crime against the very life and nature, serving the demons, because for these creatures, it is very important presence in the world of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, in which 24 hours is killing and dismembering animals, going prostoranstvo power of death, pain and horror experienced by the animals before death.

Therefore, a real person, and even more so minister Rod — the wise men, will never eat meat, eat mertvyachinoy, knowing and seeing what he condemns the living and the souls incarnated in the bodies of these animals.

It should also be noted that black high priests also realizing destructive and harmful mertvyachiny from eating, do not eat it. Therefore, it is one of the factors, but not the most important, in terms of how to know who is this or that teacher or guru.

— Unleashing sectarian war Rodowicz bleed together

It is important now not to give us the idea to join in a common resolve and tune in to a single image. For black priests is important to give as much conflicting information to on this ground to sow conflict, to make trouble and strife.

It is very important for them to play off one denomination to another, one community to the others. They come up with different definitions and names of our Faith that on this ground as a war. Such as the Pagans called aliens and run in the information field that idea. As a result, some Rodowicz and collect call other foreigners, in response to those offended and renounce the first. Everything is simple and well thought out. Bleed konffesiyu one with another, manipulating information, sowing enmity and Slavs already foaming at the mouth to prove it is the truth and the truth of his teachings only words of his guru, calling all who disagree Masons, gray and lizards from Orion, which in general is beyond the scope of adequacy ..

— Blood sacrifice to the rite

It is very easy to learn and understand what forces is a man looking at the required and the sacrifice that he brings to the Gods. The purer the energy required, the higher the "lighter" Gods and Power.

Clean energy takes is-spring water, apples, corn, and pure energy of the Heart of the ascetic.

Heavy energy — is the blood / meat, animal organs, alcohol. Such energy and sacrifice needed parasites and thus lower entities.

The blood is very powerful and moguchestyu. With the help of it you can pass the information on, "charge" talismans, etc. Blood has the power, the ability to attract all sorts of people of Newerth. From the shower, to entities and even the demons of high levels of dedication.

Therefore the rituals of black priests and those who seek them podrozhat, often mixed with blood. It is important to shed the blood of a living being. The more it suffered before dying, the better for them. Because the lower entities and parasites need this energy of pain and fear experienced by the excruciating death. On rituals such priests necessarily present any animal killed or sacrificed it there. Each black priest committed to professional growth, so the animals are replaced in the future people.

Sacrificing the animal, or blood meal is an integral part of black magic practice of ministry.

— Religiosity and dogmatism. Worship "holy" scripture or guru or postulates neovolhva

The word "teacher" ascend to the rank of absolute truth, can not be questioned and criticized. No free-thinking is discouraged. Flock of black priests zazombirovana so that when talking with people when trying to critique the words or teachings of their guru, they immediately put on you mark mason, gray, or a Jew would be called "kosher."

Black priests especially important to return the awakening Rusich and drop back into religion. Religion is following someone else's settings and rules, written by another person or group of persons. Our Faith-natural, ie, natural and does not require from the person to follow a certain dogma, often contrary to sound logic and Pocono Nature. Following Pocono nature — a life in harmony with the universe, multi-dimensional universe. When a person is at peace with himself and the world, he hears his soul, his race, gods and ancestors, being of sound and sober thinking. As religious people, which we are trying to get back, be sure to follow any guru, "magician" or otherwise shepherd. This is not bad, but when a person wakes up and if that teacher is a very pure soul. This is good and of course the first step. But black priests creating occult schools and organizations in the guise of the Slavs, using occult rituals there, tied to his soul reaching cults and leaders, not giving opportunities to improve and soul to go through life alone. They did not help her soon on his feet, but more and more attached to him and his dogmas.

Signs of black priesthood today Slavs — the worship of some written sources, artificial, not natural, natural Pocono. Creating a cult of personality.

— Bad habits, smoking, alcohol, light and heavy drugs

Any of the drug breaks the will of man and binds it to various entities for which a broken ascetic is coveted prey. Breaking the will to break the system and spiritual defense. Such a seeker can easily give any pictures of Newerth contributing to its care to the side. Creature too far can lead a person involved in some kind of spiritual practice — SLAVlenie, ritual practice, yoga, meditation, but using drugs, tobacco, alcohol. All this distorts the reality in human consciousness and plunges it into the matrix of illusion.

What is the danger and harm to members of black priests and their organizations, cults, religions?

Besides pulling to one side (which in itself is very opastno) this entanglement human occult network which put stamp on the soul and its encoding. For example, — Christian ministers, with the rite of baptism, a block of the Slavs the ancestral gods and "connect" them to their religious spirit.In the Slavic world is naming ceremonies, also raskreschivaniya etc., that affect the man and his life, fate. Think, for example, if the same holds ceremony naming a black priest who in turn is to "hook" the demons, then it gives the initiate? In the best case, nothing (in the case of simple ignorance.) And if there's a real black servants of the gods, they do not give the person his or Oberezhnoe generic name, but different. A name is Destiny. So Knight will call the name of Vesey or serfs and he had sex life will rise from their knees, instead of fighting for Gender and Race.

In today Slavs spread the opinion that we can take a little of everything in each discipline and find the best, useful from each of them. Yes, it is. Especially if you consider what lies in its pure form is almost nowhere and in no demonic doctrine. Otherwise people would it just would not be "swallowed". Detailed examination of each of novoreligy, searching in them a grain of truth and righteousness, like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is a big waste of time and effort when it would be possible during this time to make a big and serious business, Rod and help people, families mother earth. What does this mean? This means that instead of studying Scripture and another version of the origin of the Slavs, to purify themselves morally, cleanses the soul and strengthen the spirit, look for the woman / man that is designed ourselves from. From which it is possible to revive its own genus and bring Bozic on Midgard-earth.

This means that the time lost to the study of the next "Vedas" from allegedly emerged from the forest, "Magi", could have been spent to help Mother Earth, cleaning springs, woods, groves, doing a real restoration of the nature of our beautiful planet.

This means that instead of sitting on forums and in chat rooms, endlessly searching there gray and parasites, alien lizards, quarreling with neighbors for any reason, not people come up with relish as the next reform for our destruction, to the glory of the Kin gods and ancestors at the sanctuary and Places of power, because of the glory of our and rituals of love coming from the Soul Power is to strengthen our roots and Ancestral Spirit Tree Species.

Morally pure person who embodies their lives Pocono, the gods themselves, and help give him the information that he needs at this point in time and brings him real good, being transformed into the experience, manifesting genuine VEDAniem and spiritual growth.

Peace and Good to all in whom the blood and spirit alive bright Rusich!

Author: Vezemar

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